May 25, 2017

Doctor Who: The First Doctor – The Keys of Marinus

The Keys of Marinus  from 1964 is a block of Doctor Who  episodes produced by BBC that takes 2 hours and 25 minutes to watch in entirety. Originally the Doctor Who  televised series ran about 30 minutes per episode. The Keys of Marinus  episode block comprises of 6 episodes. The Keys of Marinus  is in […]


Proper etiquette in the news media: Where is it? – Part 3

Adults acting inappropriately in national broadcasts were not always shown. Not long ago, in the twentieth century, the Entertainment Industry used to be more particular and did not air an adult losing their temper in public during the hours a minor could be watching television. The producers in the beginning of television history feared public […]


Proper etiquette in the news media: Where is it? – Part 2

Etiquette is becoming a lost art in television programs. The television stations seem to believe the populace is anesthetized toward bad manners and loose moral conduct. The television stations no longer take into account the hard work parents have to do while teaching their children proper decorum, a solid moral code to follow and good […]


Proper etiquette in the news media: Where is it? – Part 1

There is a growing trend in the news media to hype up news broadcasts with heated discussions disguised under spicy debates or heated interviews. This is done by the television channels (news channels and the big three known as ABC, CBS and NBC) to gain viewers and higher ratings. Today, the modern journalists speak rapidly […]


Doctor Who: Matt Smith as the Doctor

By the time Matt Smith had been chosen to become the eleventh Doctor for the television Science Fiction series Doctor Who, this beloved Gallifreyan Time Lord character had regenerated ten times. All long-term viewers by 2009, like me, had their favorite Doctors. The majority of these were comfortable with David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. […]


The Best Paranormal Television Shows

Paranormal television shows have become popular in the past few years. These ghost hunting TV shows investigate alleged haunted sites in order to capture evidence that ghosts do exist. They use equipment such as video cameras, infrared cameras, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) in order to document any paranormal activity they […]


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