July 21, 2017


WHY LET RACISM AFFECT YOU RACISM ISN’T ONLY AGAINST THE ONES YOU THINK I’m going to lay out for you the racism I have received, how it happened, who did it, what age I was at the time, how I may or may not have responded and how it never affected my thoughts about others.  […]

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Resurrecting the lifeblood of the Easter Myth

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of my two perennial childhood questions: why, does Christian mythology feature palm trees and deserts when my climatic experience featured snow, rain and deciduous vegetation? And why do Christians celebrate the death of a benign, gentle man with Easter eggs and images of vibrant, sensual life? Isn’t that just […]

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Does your parents’ nursing home practice their religion?

Here are the shocking religious politics I uncovered while I volunteered at a dozen nursing homes last year, and what you can do to help counteract them so that your parents get the care they need and deserve. I am a born-again Christian. I hope any nursing home I end up in will support me […]

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