March 25, 2017

Frozen Feeder Rodents vs. Live Prey

There has been a long, ongoing controversy among reptile enthusiasts regarding whether to feed their pets live prey or defrosted “Frozen Feeder Rodents.” [1] Many reptiles eat only rodents as their diet.  The size of the rodent is commensurate with the size of the reptile.  The smallest rodents are tiny newborn “pinky” mice, which are […]


How to Help a Constipated Cat

Owners of cats with long hair may find constipation to be an ongoing battle. Long-haired cats not only have a greater problems with hairballs, they often have digestive problems as well. Here are a few remedies for cat constipation that are simple and inexpensive. These are remedies to improve your cat’s regularity and help with […]


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