July 21, 2017

“At Ten and Two” “At Your Three O’clock” “Clockwise” “Around the Clock”

These sayings all come from telling time on an old-fashioned clock, the kind of clock that is round and has numbers around the outside edges. In more ways than one, these sayings represent old technology that has been superseded by newer inventions. Those of us who grew up with this old technology sometimes don’t realize […]

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How To Read a Round Clock with Roman Numerals

Time is not a mystery; this clock is just from history! Some people think Roman numerals look elegant on clocks. Many older clocks and especially family heirloom grandfather clocks have Roman numbers.  Here are some pictures and a video to show you how to read a round clock with Roman numerals. You don’t have to […]

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How To Read a Round Clock and Understand “Quarter Past” and “Quarter To”

Don’t let time be a mystery because the clock is from history! People often give the time in puzzling phrases like “quarter past 3” that come from the way a round clock works. Old fashioned round clocks are all you can see in many classrooms, court rooms and churches where you might get in trouble […]

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