July 28, 2017

Garden Solutions for the Small Family

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The large garden of my childhood is simply impractical. Yet, to have something other than the bland store-bought tomatoes, the limp lettuces of salad blends, the limited choices from the produce section, and the rising costs of fresh vegetables drive me and many others to want that smell of earth and the feel of the hot sun on our backs. Here then are some solutions for the smaller and busier families of today who may be stuck with small yards or no yards at all.

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Garden Plants for the Small Family

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So what makes a variety good for the small family gardener? Smaller plant size, moderate fruit size or weekly harvest amount, and an extended harvest. Interesting colors and shapes can also add some appeal, especially for kids who might otherwise turn up their nose at vegetables. For those parents interested in getting their smaller children involved, seed size and ease of harvest can also be factors to consider.

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Plants New and Old for the Small Family Gardener

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Small Family Gardening

These plants may be a little harder to come by, but they can be fun and educational for the small family to try in their garden. Save most of your garden space for the standard fare that your family loves, but give some new crops a whirl. You might discover some new favorites.

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