April 30, 2017

I Have Rainbow Eyes

Ask everyone you know, “What color are your eyes?” I bet you know people who have hazel or rainbow eyes and you never even realized it. I didn’t discover my eyes were hazel until high school. A guy I loved was playing a song for me that he really loved, “Rainbow Eyes,” by Rainbow. This […]

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Celtic Knot Meanings Are Lost Edu Sources Say, But They Take Great Pictures!

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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series CelticThe simplest Celtic knot looks like two hearts intertwined, lying on their sides. Most larger rectangular or square Celtic knots complicate this pattern between the two hearts. They add several twists and spirals to the center, leaving the ends the same. [1] The Celts carved, […]

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What to Do with Autumn Leaves

As autumn arrives, we often look out at those drifts of fallen leaves and reach for the rake and some big trash bags. But don’t bag those leaves! At least not right away.

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Videos That Show How To Dress Like a Real Ballerina

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series CostumesMy stepmother took ballet and she still runs a dance-wear store. My step sister was a ballerina who toured in Japan. I never did any of this, but I learned more about how real ballerinas do their hair, makeup and clothes than most people know. […]

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