May 28, 2017

Developing a positive Internet presence is important

Throughout my first year as an author, I did not realize the importance of promoting my Science Fiction novel via the Internet until receiving my royalty statement that included the total 2010 book sales for  Just Alex. I knew this total of books sold for 2010 listed in my royalty statement was not solely friends, […]


Picking Up Brass Makes Us $10 an Hour

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was toward the top of my husband’s list of places to visit, when we moved here. At the BLM office, he found out where it is legal to target shoot within driving distance of our new home. We target shoot ourselves, so this didn’t surprise me. The surprise was […]


Publishing books for Kindle is easy

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Publishing

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series PublishingPublishing books for Kindle on Amazon or Smashwords is easy. It was a daunting task at first for me, until I looked it up on youtube. I have always been more of a visual type of learner. Now I totally get it, and I simply needed to go […]


How to self publish a book

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Publishing

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series PublishingIf you are wondering how to self publish a book, it is easier than it sounds. You simply need to be pointed in the right direction. Growing up I wanted to be an author, it was a dream that lasted a long time. After sending […]


Bingo Blitz Credits

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Bingo Blitz

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Bingo BlitzIf you are wondering how to get more Bingo Blitz credits, this page will give you some ideas. You need credits to purchase the cards within the game so you want you get as many as you can. The easiest way to get credits […]


Zombie Party: Plants vs. zombies

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Zombie Parties

For those familiar with the game Plants Vs. Zombies, it provides a good party theme for both children and whimsical older folks who want their zombie parties with a little less darkness and gore.


Zombie Apocalypse Party: Kids’ Parties

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Zombie Parties

Even kids like zombie parties! With a kids’ party, you could have either a survivors theme where the kids will be playing zombie hunters, an undead theme where they will be zombies, or a mixed theme where some are zombies and some are hunters.


Zombie Apocalypse Party: Undead Theme

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Zombie Parties

A Zombie Jamboree lets guests dress up in their best zombie apparel and make-up and enjoy an evening of brainless (or brainful) fun and food.


Zombie Apocalypse Party: Survivors Theme

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Zombie Parties

Whether it’s for a birthday, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or just a whenever party, a zombie apocalypse party should be an easy theme. Here are some ideas for a party centered around the idea of the guests being survivors of a zombie apocalypse.


Top Ten Tips for Sane Weight Loss

Obesity has become a national epidemic in the US of the late 20th and early 21st century. The statistics show that 2/3 of American adults are significantly overweight or obese. Even 3/5 of our children are very overweight or obese. Add capitalism to this outsize problem and the natural result is a multi-billion dollar weight-loss […]


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