July 28, 2017

Gray Fox as Pets: the Basics

A fox as a pet, while still somewhat unusual, is an idea that is gaining popularity. Breeders have succeeded in domesticating these beautiful animals, resulting in a pet comparable to a dog or cat. Of the fox species that have been domesticated, one of the most overlooked is the gray fox. These high-energy pets are […]

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Ivermectin, Stongid C2X or Egg Counts? Vet Opinions on Horse Deworming

Two vets give their opinion on the best way to deworm your horse. Both favor the fecal egg count and the Ivermectin/Moxedectin pastes. However, their worming schedules and approach for the pastes and the Strongid C2X daily wormer supplement differ.  Read them both and decide which works best for your horse. Why is Horse Deworming so important? There are over 150 different parasites poised to invade […]

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Frozen Feeder Rodents vs. Live Prey

There has been a long, ongoing controversy among reptile enthusiasts regarding whether to feed their pets live prey or defrosted “Frozen Feeder Rodents.” [1] Many reptiles eat only rodents as their diet.  The size of the rodent is commensurate with the size of the reptile.  The smallest rodents are tiny newborn “pinky” mice, which are […]

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Your New Pet Corn Snake

Colorful, lively and curious, corn snakes are widely recognized among reptile hobbyists as the best pet snake. [1]  A pet corn snake is not only a favorite with amateur reptile enthusiasts, they are frequently featured in professional reptile shows.  The reasons for their popularity are that they are very easy to handle, come in a […]

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How to Help a Constipated Cat

Owners of cats with long hair may find constipation to be an ongoing battle. Long-haired cats not only have a greater problems with hairballs, they often have digestive problems as well. Here are a few remedies for cat constipation that are simple and inexpensive. These are remedies to improve your cat’s regularity and help with […]

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Rescue Dogs: 5 Simple Steps to Curing Separation Anxiety

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Dogowner 411

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Dogowner 411Separation anxiety afflicts many dogs, especially dogs adopted from shelters, rescue, and foster homes. We adopted our Dalmatian/Pointer mix dog from rescue at age 4. Eddie had been fostered when his owner could not continue caring for him. The family that adopted him a […]

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Online Dog Prescriptions Price Comparison

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Dogowner 411

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Dogowner 411Dog Prescriptions – Should You Buy Online? Whether you own a dog, or are considering getting one, your pet’s health is important, but unfortunately not so cheap. This article examines and compares the deals available from several reputable online sources. Note that buying prescriptions […]

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