March 29, 2017

A Memorial Day Tribute By Lieutenant Walter R. Gayner

When war was declared on Germany in 1914 by Great Britain, Walter R. Gayner had been but six weeks out of the hospital after a major operation.  He was a 20-year-old law student in Canada at the time.  When he tried to enlist, he was refused by the doctors three times in a single day.  Before night […]


Autism and the Apple iPad, iPod Touch

iPad and iPod Touch; An Effective Communication Device for Autism Parents and teachers of people with Autism are always searching for a communication device to assist those who are non-verbal or whose language is limited.  The team at Apple didn’t have Autism in mind when they designed the iPad and the iPod touch; yet the […]


Ivermectin, Stongid C2X or Egg Counts? Vet Opinions on Horse Deworming

Two vets give their opinion on the best way to deworm your horse. Both favor the fecal egg count and the Ivermectin/Moxedectin pastes. However, their worming schedules and approach for the pastes and the Strongid C2X daily wormer supplement differ.  Read them both and decide which works best for your horse. Why is Horse Deworming so important? There are over 150 different parasites poised to invade […]


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