May 26, 2017

Markdown Language Tutorial

KnowABit has added to Word Press a plug-in which allows us to use Markdown language. Markdown language allows you to easily add links, bullet lists, images, embedded YouTube videos and generally make your pages look the way you want them to look.

Markdown language is a bit less complex than having to edit HTML. Markdown is easy to add to your document as you compose it in a text editor such as Notepad. You can then just paste the whole article into the quick publish box. Just add your categories and series after that and you are done. No more fiddling with icons in the editor.

Enter Markdown in the “Visual” tab of the editing pane. Below are some Markdown codes you might find useful.

To Create a Link:

Put the text you want them to click on inside square brackets. Right after that, with no space, put the url inside parentheses.

To use headers:

Put your paragraph header on its own line, and surround it with pound signs. Three pound signs on each side creates heading 3, which is the heading size used on this page. Fewer pound signs create larger headers.

To embed an image:

Put the image between these two tags, inside square brackets:

leftelt /leftelt

To embed a video:

Start on a new line and put the short URL of the video between these two tags. Do not include any spaces and do not make the URL clickable. Put the tags inside brackets:

embed /embed

Note: only embed videos which have a “share” button on YouTube or make their embed code available on other sites. This means they are allowing you to use their video. You can use this code to embed any object that Word Press knows how to embed and that you have sufficient permission to embed.

To create a numbered list:

Start each line with the number 1 and a period. Markdown will sequence the numbers for you.

  1. First item
  2. second item
  3. third item

Your items can be more than a paragraph long, but you must start each new paragraph within the numbered list with four spaces, in order for the numbered list to continue.

To Create a bulleted list:

Start each line with +

  • bulleted item
  • another bulleted item
  • yet another bulleted item

To use Bold and Italics:

Surround text with two asterisks to make it bold, and with one asterisk to make it italicized.



To add a fast facts box

Please only do this at the top of your articles. Put the tag factbox inside two brackets which close. Enter in your facts, and then close the tag by putting /factbox inside two brackets:

Fast Facts

  • Whatever is put here appears in a small box on the top right of the post.

Regarding your introduction, after the fast facts box:

Whatever you write here will most likely show up any place a summary snippet of your article appears, like on the front page, category pages, and Google results. You should write enough here so that your text is longer than your Fact Box content, otherwise the formatting will look horrible. The front page styling dictates that it would be wise to have at least 40 words of intro before including any heading or other formatted items. The reason being the first 40 words are used as the excerpt in the magazine style blocks that list articles. Or you could always hand-write an excerpt and paste it in the excerpt box, instead of using the automatic first-45-word extract.


The Markdown Guide

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