July 28, 2017

Know Our Authors

Alicia Rose is the author of the Science Fiction novel titled "Just Alex" and owner of Alicia Harrell's Bookstore. When she is not busy writing novel length pieces, updating her bookstore's website or attending a book signing, Alicia publishes as a Freelance Writer diverse topical content for KnowABit.com, Examiner.com (as the Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner), HubPages (as aliciaharrell) and Yahoo!Voices. Alicia Rose is an avid reader, loves watching movies, and enjoys power-walking daily with her dachshund. Her favorite areas of study are Archaeology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Health, History, Political Science and Indo-European studies.
My name is Stephanie Barto, and I'm a professional dancer and costume designer who lives in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood. You can visit my dance company's website at www.readmyhips.com, or follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/balinesecat 🙂
Cherise Kelley is the author of the Dog Aliens series of novels. They are available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, and will be available through most online eReader vendors in late spring of 2013.
I'm an author, reader, crocheter, and autistic. My interests encompass a wide variety of areas from yarn crafts to current events to psychology. I live with a small zoo of pets, including cats, dogs, African water frogs, and a ribbon snake name Mr. Squiggles.
Jo Brielyn is a mother, youth worker, and freelance writer with an extensive background in education and dealing with children. She is a contributing writer with Hatherleigh Press and also writes for online and print publications. Her prize-winning short stories and poetry appear in several anthologies. Jo is also currently working on a humorous novel for children.
Kathy is an informative and often humorous freelance writer who lives nothern Indiana.
I'm a wife and a mother of two– one in college and one in high school. I'm also an author, singer, gamer, SF fan, gardener, and Christian. I live in south-central Indiana.
I am a freelance writer and media producer who has published online articles on many subjects including business, fundraising, marketing, shopping and celebrities. I write product reviews, instructional material, editorials and educational material. I also manage two blogs, a crafts store and have published two e-books, both of which will be also available in print this year.
Researcher, teacher, photographer, storyteller. Creativity is my escape from the day-to-day.
Stacy is a SAHM of 3 wonderful kids. 14 yr old twins (boy and girl) and a 6 yr old daughter. Stacy writes on many different subjects, but she is often led to write about subjects that are important in her life. One of Stacy's main writing goals is to educate others about autism, special education and sexual abuse.
I'm a hopeless serial information junkie, ballet mom, and foodie, and can usually be found with a book in one hand, an amazing cup of coffee in the other, and a question in my mind, surrounded by kids. I hide in my garden when I can. My interests are too numerous to mention but include just about every area. I spend a lot of time volunteering in the areas of ballet and homeschooling. I write here, do web design, and run a gluten-free/low-sugar menu service at http://goodlifemenus.com .
Saoirse is writer, editor and translator. Her work is her passion and her passion is her work.
Victoria Reid is a business writer and published author of humorous non-fiction and fiction. She has also published a series of four middle-grade novels. An accomplished on-line writer, her contributions to the Internet pages have gained her a significant presence on the World Wide Web. Victoria also has a 25-year background in desktop publishing. Since 1995, Victoria has owned her own company, Pacific Mixed Media, Inc. The website is Pacific Mixed Media Past and present clients have included Toyota Motor Sales of America and Prudential California Realty, where Victoria currently applies her talents as the in-house Publicist. In that capacity, she writes Press Releases for an agent pool of approximately 250 Realtors. Victoria began her writing career in the music industry, composing song lyrics and commercial jingles for radio play. She then went on to be a copywriter for an advertising agency in Hollywood, CA. As a contributing author for KnowABit.com, Victoria covers a wide spectrum of topics, all of which are targeted toward imparting valuable information to online readers. Her strong suit is the Pet category - primarily Alternative Pets - and their special-needs care. Join her at The Alternative Pet and You

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