May 26, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


What is KnowABit?

KnowABit is a place where people share information about their deepest interests, ranging from technology, science and getting good deals to video games, from child rearing to discussions of currently political and societal developments, from the Internet to gardening.

Who writes on KnowABit?

KnowABit is currently a by-invitation-only site. Invitations go out to people we know have experience and passion for certain topics, and whose writing is original, engaging, and informative.

If I see a review on KnowABit, can I trust the opinions there?

Opinions stated in reviews on KnowABit are the responsibility of the author posting the review, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of KnowABit or any other KnowABit member. The KnowABit Terms of Service require members to clearly state if they have received any compensation for reviewing a product or service. The TOS also prohibit a purely promotional piece from being posted. Since we limit our membership to writers we know, it is unlikely that the company mentioned in the review was able to spam KnowABit and its readers. Thus, you should be able to trust that the position presented in a review on KnowABit truly reflects the opinion of the author who posted it.

This is awkward, but I noticed a typo on KnowABit. Should I just keep quiet about it?

If you notice grammar, punctuation, or typographical errors on the site’s main pages please notify the site administrator so we can wipe the virtual egg off our faces, ok?

If you notice such errors on content pages, please notify the author of the relevant content so that s/he can edit and correct the mistakes. If such errors are not addressed in a few days, let us know and we’ll do something about it.


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