May 26, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions for Members

What ideals is KnowABit based on?

The first and foremost ideal is integrity. This starts with dealing honestly with our members – we provide an upfront, above-board model, where writers retain full rights over their own content and receive revenue directly from Google AdSense. Integrity also inspires our dedication to provide the highest quality content we can to our site’s visitors.

Second, KnowABit is based on the ideals of community and transparency. We believe that by building a vibrant, supportive community for our members, KnowABit will thrive over time. Our entire team is made up of contributing members who receive compensation from their own content. We are all bound by a shared goal of supporting each other and building a uniquely valuable Internet knowledge base. By clearly communicating to everyone what we’re doing and why, we believe the community will be enhanced.

Third, KnowABit is based on the ideal that taking the long view, even at the expense of a slower “takeoff”, will lead to ultimately greater success. KnowABit is not financed by “angel” investors who would have a say in how the site is run, and how quickly a return on investment is required. We’re taking a slow, steady, low-cost approach that should allow us to enjoy a nice long horizon.

How is KnowABit different?

KnowABit provides you with a free publishing platform for your content, and uses your own Google AdSense code on your pages. You will receive 100% of AdSense revenue from your content. Revenue to cover the site’s operating costs will be earned via AdSense ads on pages other than articles, as well as banner ads and/or relevant affiliate links (e.g. to that we plan to place on all content pages.

KnowABit does not claim any rights to your content, except those rights needed to post it on KnowABit. You retain all rights to your content, and can have it removed from KnowABit at any time, for any reason, or for no reason. KnowABit will remove your content as quickly as practical after you request such removal.

KnowABit intends to promote high-quality content on our website. This content is expected to be informative, entertaining, and written in an engaging and easy-to-read manner.

How does KnowABit promote the community feeling? Can I communicate with other KnowABit writers?

KnowABit includes a forum for writers, only visible to members who are logged in. You can post threads there, respond to others’ threads, etc. You can also send a direct message to other KnowABit members on the writers forum.


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