May 26, 2017

About KnowABit

KnowABit is a place where people share information about their deepest interests, ranging from technology, science and getting good deals to video games, from child rearing to discussions of currently political and societal developments, from the Internet to gardening.

To avoid the pitfalls we’ve seen other sites fall into we’ve decided to only accept those we know to be good writers, and to promise those writers full control of the intellectual property they create. Our writers decide what they want to write about, when they want to write it, and most importantly, are free to modify or remove any content they put up. Our writers get their revenue directly from Google, leading to total transparency.

Our intention is to foster a supportive community where writers can ask each other questions, provide advice on best practices, etc. In short, we’re putting in place exactly the kind of site we’ve always wanted to be a part of, since we too are writing members of KnowABit.

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