July 27, 2017

A Strange Way To Get A Date With A Beautiful Girl

A Strange Way To Get A First Date With A Beautiful Girl



How I Got A Date With A Beauty

This is a story that can only happen in New York City. My junior year in high school had just come to an end, and it was time to look for a summer job. I found a job in Manhattan working as a stock boy, in a low priced retail store. It would be a nice subway ride to get there from the Bronx, but that’s normal in The Big City. I was an ugly kid (as I was told by many girls) that was going through a metamorphosis, but my mind didn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. In fact I had actually started to date. I had gone out with two girls one time each: talk about experience. Still I realized that I had never been turned down, and both girls were cute. Maybe I could find a co-worker to date at work? It may have seemed far fetched but one never knows. The first two weeks of my stock boy life was filled with hard physical work, and meeting other stock boys. This wasn’t the excitement I had been looking for, but I had a job to help pay for my upcoming college career. My third week of work I headed for the lunch room for, you guessed it, lunch. Some of us stock boys had our own table to eat at, along with a few cashiers. After paying for my lunch, I started walking with my tray to OUR table. I came to a halt, almost dropping my tray. Sitting at our table was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and what made it better was that the seat next to her was empty. Be still my heart! Lacking confidence, I still managed to sit next to her. I’m sure I started conversing by mumbling, but I came around. Before long  we were facing each other, not knowing if anyone else was at the table. We stared at each other through our non-stop talking. I learned that she was a cheerleader and a year younger than me. When I looked at her all  I could see was beautiful long straight black hair, the face of an angel, bright green eyes, a killer body and a short skirt to show her shapely legs. Suddenly she looked at her watch and blurted out; “I have to get back to work!” She got up, and started walking away. I yelled; “Do you eat here at this time, so we can continue talking?” She nodded her head “yes” as she walked out of the room. I couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive. Well tomorrow came, and all I could think about was lunch time. It felt like forever, but arrive it did. I ran to the lunch room and she wasn’t there. I asked everyone I knew if they had seen her, and if they knew what department she worked in. The only response I received was, I don’t know, she’s new. I scoured the store for the next two weeks, without finding her. Then a friend told me she was the cashier in the women’s shoe department. Now my main thought was, “How am I going to ask her out?” It’s funny how certain things work out. A man in my neighborhood , that was like a second father to all my friend’s owned a small printing company. One night he handed all of us a card he had made up saying; “Hey Beautiful, how about a date?” Then it gave her things to fill out. It started with name, then address, phone number, day, time and what do you want to do. Since I had no lines to use, I figured I would simply hand one to her. So I went to work very excited. I went to the women’s shoe department finding this beautiful creature behind the register, there was one big problem. At least ten ladies were lined up to pay for their new shoes. I was brazen enough to walk up to her and start a conversation. It seems we didn’t see each other because we had different days off, oh man! We continued talking, and the ladies on line started yelling at me to leave her alone. I had to make a quick decision. I handed her a “Hey Beautiful!” card. I was amazed when she picked up her pen and started to write. The next part only happens in New York. A lady at the end of the line screamed; “What’s slowing things down?” The first lady at the counter responded; “This boy is asking her out!” A lady in the middle of the line chimed in with; “Is she going?” The beauty then handed me back the filled out card. The first lady yelled; “She’s going out with him!” The girl smiled at me, and went back to work. I must have glowed with pride as I turned to walk away. The ladies in the line all clapped and cheered as I walked on. The noise got louder, causing me to jump in the air with my arm stretched out and clenched fist. When alone I looked at the card. Oh crap, she lives at the far end of Brooklyn. It would take me over an hour to get to her house, she was worth it every Saturday night that summer. Was it the sex? You have to be kidding, it was 1966. I was with her, that was all that mattered. She broke-up with me in September, breaking my heart. But it showed me I can ask out any girl, and not fear rejection. Is this a New York story or what?  

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