July 21, 2017

Developing a positive Internet presence is important

Throughout my first year as an author, I did not realize the importance of promoting my Science Fiction novel via the Internet until receiving my royalty statement that included the total 2010 book sales for  Just Alex. I knew this total of books sold for 2010 listed in my royalty statement was not solely friends, family and bookstores I had a relationship with for the total was larger. I appreciated this unexpected good news.

These unknown sales from people I did not know were further noticed in my Author Central  section on Amazon.com when I did my usual weekly use of the Sales Info button. The BookScan Weekly Sales stats given by this confirmed my book’s online sales purchased without my knowledge. This was a delightful surprise! My Science Fiction novel was being purchased and read! I had a growing readership! That was the moment when I realized how valuable the Internet truly is as a promotional tool and a method for reaching readers willing to purchase a new author’s book. The Internet is as important as participating as an author at book signings and book fairs.

All I had accomplished in 2010 to gain high quality Internet presence and promote  Just Alex  online worked better than expected. The numerous published online articles I had written for HubPages, Yahoo!Voices, Examiner.com and here on KnowABit paid-off. This welcome trend continues. My 2010, 2011 and 2012 blogs on AuthorNation and WordPress assisted too. I have proven having  Just Alex  listed on multiple informational websites and online bookstores contributed to more book sales. This was an eye-opener. I knew the Internet was beneficial, but the degree it can be is astronomical.

Granted I no longer blog on AuthorNation for its website closed December 31, 2012; very sad indeed for it was a website that brought authors and readers together. Participating on Goodreads, Shelfari and Google Books made up for the loss of AuthorNation’s website. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Wazzub, LinkedIn, My Space and Netlog are other good websites for promoting one’s published works (online and off). Having an Internet presence that can be found easily by others is the key for successful online marketing. The best way to positively promote one’s works online is to be an informational sharer.

I enjoy sharing with others my interests and things I have learned. My online Internet presence effort is a genuine share-fest. Feedback regarding what I impart is welcome and instructive. All of us can learn from each other for no one has exactly the same knowledge or expertise to divulge. I further make certain what I have written and where my works are published are mentioned in the “bio” section on the various websites I am participating, publishing or blogging. My bios comply with each websites guidelines and rules. This ensures my participation, publishing and blogging remains long-term.

It is best to keep one’s bios up to date. Periodically, I reread them. Since 2010, I have reviewed my bios annually and updated as needed. This keeps them superior for as one writes more, one’s ability to create well written content becomes better. If a website allows, I update the articles I have published online if there is a need. One’s earlier articles can be improved for no article written is 100% perfect. There are times when adding new contemporary content enhances the published work. This further delivers a higher quality online presence.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn and implement more ways to increase my positive Internet presence. People using the world-wide web notice much. If they like one’s author’s page, articles or blogs, they are inclined to purchase one’s published book. This too has happened to other author friends’ of mine. I am not the only author who has noticed this Internet phenomenon. Internet presence matters; especially to readers who are searching for well written plus interesting reading material.



Having a positive Internet Presence matters!

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Alicia Rose, personal experience as Freelance Writer, 2009 – present

Alicia Rose, personal experience as Science Fiction Author, 2010 – present

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