March 29, 2017

Republican National Convention 2012: Mitt Romney delivered a good acceptance speech

The Republican National Convention 2012, in this American viewer’s estimation, went well. Clint Eastwood was in good taste, hilarious with his empty chair skit. Mr. Eastwood’s candid messages were received positively for he delivered good old fashioned election humor which in this American’s view is fun. Congressman Ryan’s, Mrs. Ann Romney and other distinguished guest speakers were captivating, and each brought up points of importance; a great refresher course for the US Constitution’s content. I found PBS’s coverage of the Republican National Convention to be worthwhile. This moderate-conservative American enjoyed it very much.

Former Governor Mitt Romney gave a wonderful thoughtful engaging speech on August 30, 2012. This US citizen did not care for the negative news media aftermath coverage of Former Governor Romney’s speech for the news made me wonder if the journalists presenting this negative image truly watched this particular speech. Former Governor Mitt Romney covered important factors in his acceptance speech for the nomination of President for the United States of America. Former Governor Romney outlined his “how” that was viable and has written down; a plan ready for implementation. He spoke candidly while eloquently delivering his position. Former Governor Romney discussed his intentions more thoroughly than the majority who had run for a Federal elected office. His recommendations and presidential plans are constitutional. This viewer was not left wondering what Former Governor Romney stood for or what he plans to do if elected President.

This American agrees with Former Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan: 1) President Barack Obama has had four years, plenty of time, to meet his campaign 2008 promises and did not. 2) To have jobs created, someone has to generate them somehow, and a government with a huge deficit cannot generate jobs for it does not have the funding to create them. 3) This is the correct time for the US Federal Government to properly balance its books, be fiscally responsible with the Federal Tax Revenue.

Former Governor Romney shared an important economic truth: businesses naturally create jobs if it has a high profit margin. In layman terms, this means the more profit a business makes the better it can pay the employees’ paychecks. Making a profit in any business regardless of size is wonderful. All jobs in the private sector depend on a profit being made. The recession will not disappear if businesses continue to leave the USA as a tax avoidance measure to increase their profit margin, or dissolve due to increases in business taxation.

Former Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan covered much in their acceptance speeches. I was surprised how in depth their speeches were. Some journalists covering the Republican National Convention claimed they needed to be more specific. Why? No candidate before them, Democrat, Independent or Republican, has been as specific as Former Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan. President Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential election speeches were imprecise and unclear. They definitely lacked specifics. This American had no idea what Barack Obama was planning to do if elected in 2008.

Former Governor Mitt Romney’s speech was refreshing, brimming with common sense. He did not advocate a single unconstitutional thing in his five election promises. He was precise. His speech was just the right length to hold a person’s attention. Former Governor Romney came across as very sincere and highly pro the United States of America.

This American enjoyed Former Governor Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech on August 30, 2012. It did not deserve the negative response distributed by the news media. Former Governor Romney delivered his speech extremely well. I am grateful to Former Governor Mitt Romney for stating what he plans to do if elected, and for gifting the American public with five easy to remember promises. It is about time a candidate promises something the Executive Branch is capable of delivering; within its jurisdiction. Former Governor Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention 2012 made it obvious to this American that he had read and understood the US Constitution as well as what the responsibilities of the Executive Branch are. I find this trait very commendable for someone running for the office of President for the United States of America.


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