June 29, 2016

Daylight Saving Time has been proven unhealthful

Daylight Saving Time has been federally supported throughout the United States of America since 1918 when Congress, House of Representatives and the Senate, of the US Republic, passed it as a federal bill. The Daylight Saving Time federal bill was passed with presidential signature into law while President Woodrow Wilson was in office. President Woodrow Wilson regarded himself “the personal representative of the people.1 The passing of this particular federal bill was the beginning of most states, except for Arizona, Hawaii and the US Territory of Puerto Rico,2 complying by having  the US citizens within these compliant states change their clocks in spring to one hour ahead. This has been proven scientifically to have unhealthful side effects.

Fox News and CNN both reported on March 28, 2011 in their evening news broadcasts that the Russian national government had rescinded Russia’s usage of Daylight Saving Time. The Russian government nationally revoked its enforcement of switching every spring to Daylight Saving Time from Standard Time due to it being more wholesome for their people not to spring forward or fall back with their clocks. The Russian national government found the negative side effects from altering a person’s sleep pattern twice annually was detrimental to its citizens.

In this broadcast, Russian authorities claimed their medical science research has proven switching to Daylight Saving Time causes illnesses by adversely affecting a person’s Circadian Rhythm. They further insisted those who work on large farms and dairies have noticed severe negative reactions from their animals due to the changes in their feeding times imposed by the two annual time changes. Russian Agricultural and Blue Collar workers have complained about the difficulty in getting up the extra hour for work. These laborers arrive extremely tired for work causing their productivity to noticeably lower per annual time change occurrence. Russian employers have taken note that more employees call in too sick to work with the arrival of Daylight Saving Time.

Russian psychologists have pointed out that being tired upon awakening is mentally unhealthful for the Russian people. These psychologists believe altering a person’s bedtime and awakening hours are too stressful mentally and physically. It is more healthful to never change one’s regular sleep pattern. These psychologists are opposed to their patients and others being subjected to Daylight Saving Time adherence.

The Russian Republic and Russia’s medical professionals are not the only ones who have determined Daylight Saving Time unwholesome.  As of 2006, statistically in the United States of America, it was proven there are more work related injuries, traffic accidents and Americans suffering from fatigue from the compliance of Daylight Saving Time. 3

The only people Daylight Saving Time seems to be a good match for are those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Those affected by SAD are prone to feel better due to Daylight Saving Time because the change causes them to be awake more during the hours where sunlight is present. Sunshine has a positive effect upon people suffering from SAD.4

For the majority of Americans, however, Daylight Saving Time has been proven counter-productive. Most Americans feel tired and sluggish from awakening an hour earlier than their Circadian Rhythm is naturally set. This causes most Americans to drink more caffeinated beverages throughout the day to remain alert. Americans feeling tired throughout the day usually consume more than 4 cups of coffee or tea during their work day thereby causing extra physical stress from caffeine consumption.5

Since it has been proven that Daylight Saving Time does not do all it was meant and causes physical plus mental harm to those participating, perhaps the United States federal government  should adopt the same anti Daylight Saving Time practice as Russia has for the better health of all Americans.

Another thing to bear in mind is that keeping the same Standard Time all year round would lower the severe national deficit. The US federal government, upon rescinding the nationalized Daylight Saving Time, would cease its gifting participating states money to comply with Daylight Saving Time. This would be a huge savings for the US Federal Government’s budget! This would be a great measure to begin correctly managing and balancing the US federal budget without adversely affecting US Citizens.

2012 should be the year the US government elected Legislative Branch officials prove they truly represent “We the People” by revoking the Daylight Saving Time bill plus its continuance via amending this bill as the US Legislative Branch has from 1942 – 2005.6 Daylight Saving Time has been proven unhealthful as well as possibly life-threatening in certain occupational fields.7 The Republic of the United States of America in compliance with the US Constitution should place US Citizens’ health first, beginning with the cessation of Daylight Saving Time. This is the right thing to do, budgetary as well as for the sake of the American population.


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