March 29, 2017

HGH patches are good for alleviating pain

HGH patches

A picture of the transdermal release HGH patches.

HGH patches are transdermal and release a particular dosage of Somatropin, a form of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), via the skin. HGH patches are easy to use; peel off the card and stick on to one’s leg, shoulder, arm, back or forehead. HGH is renowned for its numerous health benefits including alleviating arthritic and other types of pain.

The HGH patches come in diverse dosages, common for a daily HGH patch being 5 mg. Each person’s HGH (Human Growth Hormone) needs are different; some are more sensitive to alternative and conventional medicines than others. Sadly one’s physical body naturally manufacturers HGH incrementally less as one grows older. This means a person who is thirty years old would require less HGH supplement in comparison to someone over sixty years of age. Most people under the age of thirty usually have bodies that make sufficient amounts of HGH; do not require an HGH supplement.

People with chronic medical conditions should be aware that their physical bodies usually naturally create less HGH than someone who is their age and healthy. The body’s state of health determines the amount of HGH one’s physical body metabolizes and manufactures. The better one takes care of their physical body, the more good health days one has.

A great thing about HGH patches is if one feels pain, one can apply the HGH patch to the spot the pain is emitting from to feel alleviation. This works on sore muscle spots, a chronic pain felt in an arm, hand or leg, any arthritic sore spot, and where one feels migraines on the head. HGH is helpful with reducing or eliminating pain.

Before supplementing HGH into one’s daily or weekly regimen for better health, it is recommended to consult your primary physician. I did. Mine recommended I take it orally or by patch due to my physical body being very medicinal sensitive. My primary physician felt supplementing HGH orally or via a 5 mg patch would be best for me. He was very encouraging about HGH and its benefits. Your doctor, like mine, might recommend HGH plus a preferred delivery system if supplementing HGH is right for you.

My husband, who is in his seventies, also supplements HGH. We both have received positive benefits from HGH. My migraines were shorter as well as I received relief from sore spots in my back after placing an HGH patch where it hurt. My husband has felt more energetic; also claims feeling less aches and pains from being a Senior Citizen. He prefers the weekly 25 mg HGH patches.

The HGH patches are available to the public. These transdermal release patches are the easiest method of taking anything medicinal or supplemental; far superior to ingesting pill form supplements or taking an injection from one’s physician.

My husband and I highly recommend the HGH patches and the HGH Oral Spray offered by Midwest Nutrition Distributors, Inc. This veteran owned small business offers high quality health products, delivers excellent customer service, and has affordable prices. Good health to everyone!

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    My mom suffers from pretty bad arthritis, I’ll mention this post to her.

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    I wills surely share this with others.. Thanks for posting! This is great pain reliever..

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