March 29, 2017

Do Business Ethics Still Exist?

ethics in a business societyphoto © 2007 CHRIS DRUMM | more info (via: Wylio)In my view business ethics did, do and will exist always. The business owner, the pillar of his/her family and community, giving work to employees in a safe environment, supplying customers with exactly the products, services and after sales service they need, the business owner who is proud to pay his bills and taxes because he/she can. Some sort of dinosaur? – I don’t think so, they still exist.

This business owner is a good leader, an innovator and a person who can adjust to sell a product or service that is needed by the community of his/her present day. They are advertised on a “need to know” basis and not a brainwashing exercise. Rich or poor, there is money around even in economically difficult times and the business owner knows to supply what’s needed. As a business visionary he/she can anticipate what family, employees and clients need. The win-win-win principle.

The business visionary anticipates changes even as far out as green technology and endeavors to make it work for a profit. Shouting “go green, go green, go green” is not an option for a sensible business owner unless it makes sense financially. Let’s see a prominent example:

Google. Look up and you will be amazed! Google HQ is covered in solar panels and they stated that they got into a 20 year contract with an offshore wind generating plant. Because it makes business sense, they write. Google does not do anything without it making sound business sense and is profitable in the long run. Then you will read that they hire in a flock of sheep to mow the grounds instead of using tractors or poison. Exactly, because it’s cheaper to hire a flock of sheep! It makes business sense! And read about all the other “green” ideas Google has implemented for their employees – because they make “green” business sense.

Now, let’s see what this does for my own pocket. Do you think this makes sense to me, so far away from Google HQ, not even being one of their employees? It sure makes sound business sense for me to hitch up with Google any way I can! It is likely that I’m the smallest micro-business around, somewhere in a far corner of the globe, but I’m also proud of my business ethics and I also want to implement “green” if at all possible and if it makes sound business sense.

What do I have to sell? – Just my name and my words. How do I run my business? – On solar power, a smartphone and a netbook, no more is needed for me. Had Google anticipated even the micro business owner? – I don’t know, but I’m sure glad about the possibilities they offer by way of blogging, their software offers, their ethical advertising programs and all the other services which are there for me and everybody else to take on a day to day need basis.

Original content is king with Google? – Well yes, it may be a bit more work than spinning an article 1500 times, but don’t I feel better that I can supply something valuable, original, ethical, maybe even green and new? – Of course, I do.

And I bet anybody feels and sleeps better – business giant or micro business alike and anything in between, supplying an ethical, profitable and green product or service! It is the future.

Thanks for calling in!

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