July 21, 2017

Does 21st Century Insurance Cover a Paint Job?

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Our answer is yes if you are in any of these situations:

1) Someone who has liability insurance through 21st century caused an accident with you, and the accident damaged your paint job.

2) You have comprehensive coverage on your car through 21st Century Insurance, and the factory paint job on your insured vehicle was damaged by an animal, windblown objects or some other natural cause.

3) You have collision insurance through 21st Century, and the factory paint job on your insured vehicle was damaged in a car crash.

4) You have homeowner’s insurance through 21st Century, and your  child accidentally damaged the neighbor’s paint job with his tricycle.

What all these situations have in common:

They cover repairs to a paint job that was damaged in a covered incident. 21st Century and all other casualty insurance companies are in the business of restoring people back to the state they were in before an accident that was no fault of their own damaged their person or property. So yes, in that sense they do cover paint jobs.

What 21st Century and other auto insurers do not cover:

They do not cover a paint job that you go and get because you are not happy with how the factory painted your car when it was made. If you want a custom paint job, you will have to pay for it yourself.

Declare Your Custom Paint Job

If you want your insurance to restore a custom paint job after an accident, then you have to declare that when you get your car insurance. Custom paint jobs cost more to restore than factory paint jobs, so your auto insurance company will want you to pay more premium in order to cover restoration of a custom paint job.

This only fits situations 2 and 3 above, where it is your own paint job that needs to be covered. Your insurance will always restore the custom paint job of the car you cause an accident with, up to the liability limits of your insurance policy.

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