July 21, 2017

Collegeville Diner Review

A customer’s experience while visiting this Montgomery County restaurant in Pennsylvania, complete with menu ratings and impressions of the service. Collegeville Diner is located at 290 East Main Street in Collegeville, PA.

The Collegeville Diner Atmosphere

Collegeville Diner knows how to create a welcoming atmosphere for its customers, from a decorating standpoint. The exterior of Collegeville Diner has an attractive appearance. It is well lit and features noticeable signage, making it easy to locate from the road while driving. Collegeville Diner also has a decent sized parking lot that can accommodate a large number of cars. There were very few parking spaces available upon my arrival to this restaurant, which gave the impression that they would be crowded and it would take some time to be seated.

After entering Collegeville Diner, it was refreshing to witness how well the restaurant also looked on the inside of the building. The seats and table were plentiful, food displays at the counter look delicious and most importantly, this place looked very clean and spacious. While it was crowded during my visit, the waiting time was far less than expected as I was seated by a man who appeared to be the manager, in much less than 15 minutes. The swift seating almost caused me to ignore the fact that the manager didn’t seem to have a very hospitable attitude. I would later find out that this type of demeanor trickles down to the rest of the service staff.

Food on the Collegeville Diner Menu

I ordered a Belgian waffle with a side of bacon, trying to play it safe since this was my first visit and I wasn’t told by friends or relatives whether the food was good or not in advance. My friend told me that his eggs were perfect and the sausage was good as well but the pancakes were too big in size. He would have also preferred one or two slices of toast to accompany his meal, considering how much it cost. Overall, most of the food at Collegeville Diner was served to us in nice sized portions that justified their price.

Service at the Collegeville Diner

Collegeville Diner could use a lot of improvement on their customer service. The waiter at our table did not seem to be in a good mood and was not interested in building a good rapport with his customers. He did however, seem to be very efficient in handling our orders and additional requests after I needed new bacon because the one that I received was extremely greasy and could have been cooked a little longer. His level of efficiency is commendable but I wonder if this is just an adaptation to the fast-paced environment at Collegeville Diner that eventually made me uneasy.

Prices of Food ordered from the Collegeville Diner Menu

The breakfast food prices at Collegeville Diner are average, not too expensive but not exactly budget friendly either. My two items, which included the waffle and bacon, totaled close to $8. This doesn’t even include the $2 juice that my friend and I each had, which was rather small in size for a “large” size glass. Our thoughts while checking out the juice as it sat on our table was “If this is a large, then what does a small juice look like?” but these beverages alone were not the deal breaker for me.

While waiting for the food to arrive at our table and browsing the Collegeville Diner menu, I noticed that the lunch and dinner prices were a little steep for this particular diner. Some of the dinner prices at Collegeville Diner were in excess of $17 per person. The same amount of money could be put toward some kind of “2 for $20” deal at other restaurants such as the Olive Garden….and you could get free soup or salad plus unlimited bread sticks.

Overall rating of the Collegeville Diner

I would recommend Collegeville Diner to those who prefer good food and are willing to pay for it but do not expect the staff to be very sociable. During my visit, I got the impression that we were being rushed through our time there as if this place was a fast food joint that was filled to capacity during lunch time in the middle of a major city. Still, this could be an upside to dining at Collegeville Diner at times when I am also in a rush.

Photo: Robert Banh

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