July 21, 2017

The Dark Eye: Drakensang – Elementalist

The Elementalist is one of the magically gifted archetypes in Drakensang. She begins with some spells but rather weak fighting skills. Her best weapon is her staff. She has, however, a spell to conjure a Fire Elemental which supports her in combats and a spell to attack from a secure distance.

Combat Strategy

Especially in the beginning, it is advisable to use the Fire Elemental as blocker to be able to attack from a secure distance with her attack spell. The Elementalist should get Rulana as companion as soon as possible. With her combat skills with sable and bow, she is a good addition and can involve enemies in infight while the Elementalist casts attack spells and support spells.

Skilling Strategy

To get most out of an Elementalist, you should skill staff fighting, the Conjure Fire Elemental spell and attack spells. Furthermore, you should buy the Armatrutz spell as soon as possible. Magically gifted characters cannot wear metal armor without losing their ability to cast spells. The Armatrutz spell grants good armor without afflicting the casting ability. Armor increases with level of the caster and spell level. Self-Control is important too. A high level in Self-Control can prevent wounds.

When you build a party with infighters such as Rulana, you should also buy and skill healing spells. Your team should at least have one supportive character that is able to heal and cast support spells. The Elementalist as magically gifted character would be a good choice.

Additional Skills

Plant Lore enables your Elementalist to recognize and gather the different plants which grow all over the Drakensang maps. Most of them can be used for healing purposes and as ingredients for Alchemy recipes. Alchemy makes it possible to produce several supporting balms and potions like healing potions and healing balms.

Pros of the Elementalist

The Elementalist can be developed to become a strong macigian, conjuring a strong helper (e. g. the Fire Elemental), attacking with distance attack spells and supporting her party members with healing spells and other supportive spells.

With Armatrutz, she can become a passable infigher as well who can block a lot of damage while dealing damage with her staff.

Cons of the Elementalist

Especially in the beginning, the Elementalist is a weakling and a poor infighter. She needs to stay out of range of her enemies. Her preferred weapon, the staff, does not deal much damage compared to other, especially two-handed, weapons. She is dependent on good party members to survive tough fights.


The Elementalist is fun to play if you know how to skill a magician. She can be a great addition to any party and with her magically skills, she can decide a fight.

However, she is a difficult character for beginners. It can be frustrating that she is such a weak fighter in the beginning.

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