July 28, 2017

The Dark Eye: Drakensang – Tips

I play Drakensang with two magicians, an archer and four excellent infighters. What do you say? That’s impossible because I can only have four characters? Well, I have only four characters. Skilling is the key. Find out more about my party and some general Drakensang tips:

My Party

My main character is an elven magician (spell weaver). I have let her learn swordmanship right in Avestrue. She knows a strong attack spell as well as shielding spells, healing spells and supportive spells. Furthermore, she’s an adept infighter with her sword and knows some special abilities. In the beginning, she needed protection from her fellow party members as both her armor and her shielding spells were week. As she advanced in levels, she also advanced in protection and now has the greatest protection of all my characters. Her attack spell works from a distance so she can stay out of reach whenever other characters manage to engage the enemies. From the beginning, she also had her animal helper to help engage the enemy.

I picked up Rhulana in Avestrue. She knows archery and sables so I skilled both weapon skills. I also skilled her healing skills to have a second character able to heal wounds in combat. Her main focus lies on archery but she knows special abilities for both archery and sables. Whenever she is engaged in infights, she uses a shield too.

My next character was Gladys. As she is a “part-time” magician, she too can use magic to boost her armor. It took some time, though, before she became a good fighter. At the beginning, she was rather weak and often died during combat. Her main focus lies with thieving skills so I skilled only a few supportive spells. She too knows some special abilities for fighting but I didn’t skill distance fighting. By now she has reached level eleven and has become not only an apt magician but also an excellent infighter with superb armor protection (both physical and magical). Without magic, both magicians have similar armor protection to the two non-magical characters due to some special armor (the one from Nasreddin and the KGIA-Shirt from the Captain) which can be used by magicians.

My fourth and last character is Forgrimm. You see, I picked up my final party quite early in the game. Forgrimm is a tank. He had good armor from the beginning and knows one-handed and two-handed blunt weapons. Normally, I let him use the two-handed Ogre Club which deals up to 23 damage points. If he needs to fight against several enemies at once, I can switch to a one-handed weapon and a shield to give him another parry. Together with the defensive fighting ability, that would make him a tank more than a true fighter with the goal to engage as many of the enemies while my other characters deal damage from a safe distance.

General Tips

Wounds: Wounds can be a severe problem during long battles. As soon as a character receives five wounds, he’s near death and will lose consciousness. The only way to revive him is to win the battle. Unconscious characters will wake up at the end of a battle as long as at least one character remains standing. You should try to prevent wounds as they weaken your characters and your party considerably. One trick is to boost your characters’ constitution (either with a spell or with potions). You would be surprised which difference three or four more points in constitution can make. If your characters still receive wounds, heal them as soon as possible.
Money: Especially in the beginning, you will be in need of money. Thus, collect every plant and gut every animal you see. You can sell these things at merchants. Break every chest and keg and collect everything you find inside, no matter what. Merchants buy almost everything, even if they only pay a tiny little bit for it. Furthermore, use Gladys’ or Dranor’s ability to pickpocket everyone.

Skilling: Make sure you skill your weapon skills as high as possible. They are essential. Your thief should skill defusing traps and maybe pick pocketing to a level of seven or eight and social skills like persuasion as well as opening locks to a level of about 15. Every character needs a high level in self-control as this ability prevents wounds in combat. Your magicians needn’t have high levels in all their spells. Some spells only need to have a certain level to get access to the highest possible modificator, other spells gain duration or power with increasing levels. Don’t forget to increase your attributes as well whenever you have the chance, but choose carefully which ones to increase as they are very expensive. A fighter needs strength and constitution while a magician might rather need charisma and intelligence and a thief needs dexterity. You should also invest some experience in special abilities. They can be vital for victory or defeat in combat.

Party Members: Create a balanced party. You should have at least two good infighters as well as one supportive magician and one character that can attack from a distance. Every party needs one or two characters with the ability to heal wounds and poison. You need a thief as well to open locks and defuse traps.

Combat: Whenever you face a long and / or difficult battle, you should boost your characters beforehand with as many supportive (long-lasting) spells and potions as you can. Sharpen your weapons with weapon balm or a grindstone too and make sure your archers have enough ammunition. Cast short-lasting support spells directly in battle. Try to engage the enemies with your tanks and infighters while magicians cast supportive, attack and healing spells from a safe distance. Your archers should be positioned as far away from the enemy as possible so that they have a chance to shoot any approaching enemies before they reach your archer.

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