August 30, 2014

How To Write a Love Letter that will Make this Her Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

This 4 paragraph formula makes it easy for any man to write a love letter, and she won’t even mind if she finds out you used it. Your lady wants this more than she wants jewelry, flowers or candy. The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift won’t cost you any money at all. Just comb though your fond memories of great times you had together and voice your love for her in a letter. Give her appreciation for all the little things she does for you. Tell her how wonderful she is.

Introduction: I love you because you are…

Spell out your love for her in your letter. Tell her she is special, and even better, tell her exactly what makes her special to you. Include as many reasons as you really believe. Examples: smart, fun to be with, my best friend, sexy, the ultimate woman, a great comedienne, delightful, beautiful, gentle, kind, loving, so sure of yourself, a great wife, a good mother, so talented, so good at making me feel loved.

Sara Bareilles singing “Love Song,” to entertain you as you write a love letter for your Valentine.

Paragraph 2: When we’re together, I feel…

Share your feelings with your Valentine. Let her see inside the real you. Choose from these examples if you have a tough time admitting your feelings:

  • appreciated
  • so loved
  • whole
  • on top of the world
  • like such a lucky man
  • at home
  • looked up to
  • respected
  • at ease
  • like my dreams have all come true

Paragraph 3: You have…

Thank your lady for all she has done for you. Include obvious things she does for you that you might not thank her for every day. These will depend on how long you have been together:

  • made a home for me these 30 years
  • welcomed me so fully into your life
  • introduced me to your family

Show your appreciation for the not-so-obvious lessons she has taught you as well. You have shown me how to:

  • relax
  • take my time
  • be spontaneous
  • find awesome clothes on sale
  • make a mean omelette
  • appreciate art
  • Thank you for all you do!

Conclusion: Let’s keep making wonderful memories together, like…

Remind her of all the good times you had together. Include your children, any trips you took together, inside jokes you both laugh about, and all the other shared memories that make you a couple. Examples: our trip to New Orleans, cooking out in the yard that time the power went out, elbowing each other whenever someone ends a sentence with “at.”


  • Write your love letter out by hand.
  • Make corrections on scratch paper until you get it just how you want it.
  • Copy the final version onto a clean sheet of paper.
  • Special Valentine’s Day paper is a nice bonus, but not necessary.
  • Mail the love letter to her if you have time to get it there before February 14.
  • Draw little hearts all over the envelope or decorate it some other way she will know it is special.
  • Make it a point to do something romantic together on February 14, as well as writing her this love letter. The Valentine’s gift she wants from you is your time and attention. Have a candlelight dinner for two in your living room. Slow dance. Take a walk. Hold hands! Look deep into her eyes.

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