May 25, 2017

How to Cure a Bad Cold without Having to See a Doctor

Winter is the time of bad colds. We feel miserable and want to get healthy again as fast as possible. However, we don’t want to or cannot see a doctor each time we get a cold. So how to cure a bad cold best at home?

Some tricks to ease the pain (I have tried all of them and they really work!):

1) Sore throat: Drink milk! Somehow, milk and all kinds of things made from milk ease the pain. However, don’t eat yogurts with much sugar! Sugar worsens the pain and negates the good effect of the milk.

2) Earache: Cut down an onion and stuff the pieces into a washcloth or the like. Put it on your aching ear. If you don’t want to lie down, you can hold it in place with a scarf that you bind around your head, for example. This cure is really smelly but it works. The onions draw the infection out. To protect your ears from cold drafts, stuff some cotton batting into them.

3) Headache: Drain a piece of cloth in cold water and put it on your forehead. Close your eyes and try to calm down. The cold will help to lessen the pressure in your head (don’t ask me why but it’s working for me).

Things you should have at home:

  1. a warm water bottle to snuggle up with when you’re feeling chilly
  2. milk and products made from milk
  3. potatoes to make potato mash (warms you up and can even be swallowed with a sore throat)
  4. rich cream for creaming your sore nose (best start creaming it before it gets sore)
  5. tissues
  6. onions
  7. tisanes (chamomile, fennel)
  8. vegetable stock (for drinking or making broths)

More tips:

1) Get as much sleep as you can! Even if that means spending the whole day in bed. Your body can regenerate much better sleeping than being awake. 2) Relax. Why not read the book which has been waiting for you since Christmas or watch your favorite TV shows all day long? 3) Keep yourself warm even if you begin to sweat now and then. 4) Don’t stoop down; it will only worsen the pressure inside your head.

I know that tips how to lower fever are missing but I never get fever so I cannot give proven tips. However, all of the simlpe remedies mentioned above work great for me and I don’t have to see a doctor when I have a cold. Although I admit that I take painkillers now and then when my body is aching too much. But, honestly, that’s the only medication I take!

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