April 28, 2017

A high risk driver in the US can get car insurance through any insurance company or agent.

Because all US states make you have auto insurance or its equivalent, all US states help high risk drivers get car insurance. [1] States have various names for their programs, but they all involve assigning the high risk driver to an insurance company. Therefore, insurance professionals call this process “assigned risk.”

How To Apply

Ask any agent or insurance company for an insurance quote. They will try their best to get you insured under their normal plan. They have financial incentives to do so. If you have too many accidents, tickets or arrests for their normal plan, then the state requires the agent to put your application into a computerized line.

All the insurance companies in the state are in this computerized line. The next company in the line picks up your application. The state makes this company sell you auto insurance. They did not choose to insure you. You got assigned to them. You are also a high risk driver. Therefore, they call you an “assigned risk.”

Check State Regulations First

Each US state has its own regulations. For example, in Wisconsin you have to ask to be placed in the assigned risk pool by its name: The Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Plan. Check your individual state regulations before you start shopping for insurance. (More below this video)

Video: Assigned Risk Plan Definition

Cost of Assigned risk Car Insurance

High risk drivers pay substantially larger premiums for their auto insurance. Each state has its own regulations on how long your record must be clear of accidents, arrests and tickets before your insurance premiums will go down to more affordable rates. [2]

Losing Your Insurance

Even though you are assigned to your insurance company, they can cancel your insurance if you don’t pay your premium or if the courts take away your driver license. [2]

References and Resources

[1] For a long time, Wisconsin and New Hampshire were the only two states that did not mandate car insurance. Wisconsin began requiring drivers to have auto insurance June 1, 2010. Although New Hampshire does not mandate car insurance, it has financial responsibility requirements which most drivers meet with insurance.

[2] Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Plan FAQ

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