April 30, 2017

Votes mattered on Election Day, November 2, 2010

For this moderate-conservative American November 2, 2010 Election Day was the best witnessed. More Americans voted on this particular Election Day according to Fox News 2010 Election Coverage. This proved Americans heed what their state and federal elected officials do while in office. This momentous Election Day displayed exactly how our federal government works and who really is represented in our republic that is for We the People of the United States of America.

Furthermore, this Election Day proved Americans do not like federal mandates shoved down their lives like the Health Care Reform (aka Affordable Care Act aka HealthCare.gov). The American majority did not want socialized medicine in the United States. The majority told elected officials by the way they voted that they demanded the federal government to follow the United States Constitution. The majority of voters demanded their constitutional rights by not voting for many Democratic House Representatives who were known for voting in socialistic measures like the Affordable Care Act.

We, the voters, have seen how socialism, an economic system, does not work. The USSR folded for socialism costs too much to maintain by those who have in order to give to those who do not. The USSR was the most socialistic nation in the world. Its government did not wither away into a pure communist state as the USSR predicted. Karl Marx who wrote The Communist Manifesto was wrong. His utopian theory was a failure. Instead toward the later years of the twentieth century, the USSR dissolved into individual nations who have their own form of governments.

For this Middle Class American, it was a relief to see the Republicans win the majority in the US House of Representatives. Most of us, especially in the South and Mid-West, are not as progressive minded as the liberal Democratic progressive majority believed; even Illinois voted Republican. This is our current President’s home state; definitely a huge message from the Illinois voters.

While I watched the Election Coverage, it was great to see the Republican Party break election poll records as the votes were counted for both US Senate and US House of Representative seats. I realized as the Election Coverage continued this was an epic moment that many would never see in their lifetime. I was witnessing an historic Election Day. This particular Election Day proved how the US Constitution operates in favor of each citizen.

For me, someone who has studied Political Science and read the US Constitution numerous times, this was a landmark Election Day. To witness our government, a republic which is a representative system, operating the way our Founding Fathers intended was very heart warming. To witness what our Founding Fathers set up nationally functioning perfectly was one of the most stupendous and momentous occasions of my life. Our republic of the United States of America is still the best political system devised because individual citizens have a true voice through their vote. We the people of the United States of America are the boss of our government officials!

Votes do matter. We have the right to fire those who do not properly represent us for those who will by voting each Election Day. I plan to make each Election Day count by continuing to vote.

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Other Sources:

Alicia Rose, personal studies in Political Science and History, 1978 – 2010

Presidential Election Coverage, Fox News Channel, November 2, 2010

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