April 28, 2017

Oklahoma State Question 755: Sole use of US Federal and State Law in Oklahoma’s Courts – Part 1

In Oklahoma, there currently is controversy regarding the State Question 755 that was voted into law on Election Day November 2, 2010. The Muslim community has taken offense to using only US Federal and State Laws throughout the Oklahoma judiciary court system. Their offense surprised most Oklahomans. The Oklahoman majority found the Muslim community’s offense un-American and not in the State of Oklahoma’s best interest.

The Muslim community, who has federally filed a claim against State Question 755, is stipulating their religious freedoms are in jeopardy if Oklahoma courts are not allowed to include the Sharia Law in determining court cases (per the Daily Oklahoman newspaper). Oklahomans are confused about this because State Question 755 stipulates no international law or Sharia Law will be used. There is no sole singling out of Islamic Law. International Law comprises of all laws used by foreign countries which include Tribal and Vatican Canon laws. These laws encompass a multitude of laws Oklahomans do not want used in their court system for court judgments. The majority of Oklahomans who voted in favor of State Question 755 want solely US Federal and State Laws used by the Oklahoman judicial system.

The Muslim community does not comprehend this for some unique reasons of their own. The Sharia Law is harsher and more severe than our current US laws and State laws. The Sharia Law treats women inferior to men. The Sharia Law has more strict punishments for women than men who perform the exact same offense or crime. The Sharia Law favors a hand being cut off for thievery. The Sharia Law is in favor of a husband hitting his wife as a punitive measure. The Sharia Law is very religious in nature. It is listed in the Islamic religious books the Koran and the Sunnah of Muhammad.

Oklahomans prefer the US Federal and State laws currently used in the Oklahoma judiciary system. Oklahomans desire fair treatment for women and men. The current United States of America and Oklahoma State “laws of the land” are very fair in comparison to International Law and Sharia Law. This is exactly as the laws within the US borders should be and were created by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Each US state has the right as a sovereign state to create, add or addendum their State’s laws through the State Legislative Branch or by popular vote per the US Constitution. There is nothing unconstitutional or un-American about Oklahoma State Question 755 that insists only US Federal and State laws apply in the Oklahoma court system. Oklahoma followed the US Constitution and Oklahoma State Constitution when the majority voted for State Question 755 in preservation of these laws.

US Federal Law is based from the US Constitution and the laws implemented within the original thirteen American colonies. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it stipulate a US citizen should not solely follow US Federal and individual US State laws. Oklahoma’s State Question 755 merely serves as an addendum protecting Federal and State laws from being watered down or infiltrated by incompatible laws that are unconstitutional. By passing State Question 755, the Oklahoma judicial court system now will only implement US Federal and State Laws to determine the outcome of court cases. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a state within the US borders passing and implementing this type of law.

For the Muslim community to speak out against Oklahoma State Question 755, this Oklahoman finds their issue shocking and anti-American. They are claiming their unconstitutional religious based Sharia Law should be used in Oklahoma’s court system. There is nothing in the US Constitution or Oklahoma’s Constitution that supports the usage of Sharia Law or International Laws within both Federal and State judicial systems for determining court judgments.

Our court system throughout the United States, both Federal and State, were devised to protect all citizens from any form of un-constitutionalism and religious persecution, even from laws that negatively single out other religions or would have a negative impact upon the American people. International Laws and the Sharia Law do not meet this requirement that is intertwined in US Federal and State laws. International Laws and Sharia Law comprise laws that are persecutory, unconstitutional and would impact negatively throughout the United States of America if implemented for determination of any US State’s court rulings.

Primary Sources: Alicia Rose, present personal experience as an Oklahoman voter and resident Alicia Rose, studies in the field of World Religions, 1978 – present. Oklahoma State Question 755 US Constitution Oklahoma State Constitution CNN evening news broadcasts, November 3 through November 13, 2010 The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, dated November 3 – November 14, 2010

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