April 28, 2017

Special Dietary Needs, One Holiday Meal for All

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Many people today have special dietary needs.  An estimated one out of every three people either are pre-diabetic or have some form of diabetes, for example.1 One in 133 have Celiac or Crohn’s Disease, but there are several other reasons for gluten intolerance.2

What this means is that you will likely have someone celebrating with you who is unable to eat much of what’s on the table.  It may be you, yourself.

If it’s you, you have two choices.  You can either eat what you shouldn’t have, rather than sticking with just the meat (and no gravy, because it probably has wheat flour in it).  Or you can eat it and suffer, sometimes for days.  The symptoms can feel similar to having the flu.

If you’re the host of a meal, of course you don’t want to send your guests home with the symptoms of flu any more than you want to send them home with food poisoning!  So there is a third option: cooking one holiday meal for all.  Especially because gluten intolerance and blood sugar metabolism problems tend to run in families, and because many people are undiagnosed, you’re probably helping more than just the one diagnosed person in the family.

The good thing is that there are recipes that meet the needs of both the gluten-intolerant and the sugar/starch-intolerant.3 So you’re not going to worry about having to cook several different variations.  In addition, these foods actually look and taste good, and have the right mouth-feel, and they’re made with whole foods instead of the often-expensive fakes.  In fact, if you don’t tell your guests, they may not be able to tell (although you’ll want to inform your guests with special dietary needs what’s what).

Stay tuned for more Know a Bit articles on surviving the holidays naturally low-carb and gluten-free!





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