May 25, 2017

Pictures of How To Put Up the Sleep Cell Tent

The all-weather five-person Sleep Cell tent sold at Wal-Mart for about $147 is good for winter and summer car camping. Here are the instructions and pictures that should have come in the package. It takes two people to put up this tent. It has steel support poles. It does use two fiberglass poles for the roof. These pictures might help you decide if this is the right tent for you.

Step 1: Push the Roof Poles Through Their Sleeves

Lay the tent out flat. Straighten out the two fiberglass poles until their elastic cords force them to fit together seamlessly. PUSH each fiberglass pole through its sleeve in the roof of the tent. Do not pull on fiberglass poles, or they will come apart. Make sure you push straight across the middle of the tent and down into the correct sleeve. When you are done these two poles should “criss cross” each other, like writing an X.

Step 2: Pop The Roof Using the Pole Connectors

Unwrap the four plastic pole connectors attached to the four corners of the tent just below the roof sleeves. (When wrapped, these look a little like the decorations on the corners of Chinese pillows.) Take the wrappers entirely off and store them in the tent bag, or they might blow away. Insert the ends of the fiberglass poles into the smaller hole on each connector so that the roof pops up. Tie the poles to the tent in the center of the roof with the ties attached to the tent there.

Step 3: Place the Steel Support Poles

Stretch out all four steel support poles until their elastic cords force them to fit together seamlessly. Fit the pointed end of each steel support pole into a ring at a corner of the tent. Be careful not to tangle the stake loop with the pole. Leave the stake loop free so that you can stake the tent down when you finish putting it up.

Step 4: Connect the Steel Support Poles to the Fiberglass Roof Poles

Attach the wider hole on each connector to the non-pointed end of each steel support pole. The first connection is fairly easy, but this gets progressively more difficult as the tent gets stretched to fit onto the poles. The stronger person should pull the connector toward the steel support pole while the weaker person pushes on the other end of the fiberglass roof pole. Use the hooks attached to the tent to fasten the tent to the steel support poles.

Step 5: Attach the Rain Fly

The shorter person holds one corner of the rain fly while the taller person walks the rain fly over the top of the tent. Fasten the rain fly to the steel poles with the Velcro straps that come attached to the rain fly. The rain fly is not shown here and that is a shame because it seals up the tent nicely and provides wind protection while allowing ventilation through the roof. The windows zip open for ventilation during summer heat.

Step 6: Stake Down the Tent

Pound stakes into the ground through all the stake loops on the tent and the rain fly.

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