April 28, 2017

Oklahoma State Question 755: Sole use of US Federal and State Law in Oklahoma’s Courts – Part 5

President James Madison who is known as the “Father of the US Constitution” spoke out against international (foreign) influences upon the United States of America; expressed his concern about the negative impact these would cause (per President Madison’s selected works).US Federal Laws are complex. They protect every citizen’s religious freedom for all religions and spiritual paths. The US Constitution prevents any religion from becoming the sole religion throughout the United States (per President James Madison’s selected works). US Federal and State Laws have religious freedom instilled within their core.

Laws like the Sharia Law are in conflict of US Federal and State Law for they perpetuate the opposite. There are other International and foreign nation laws that instigate their own religion as the sole one religion. An example would be the nations that are wholly Islamic, Catholic or Protestant throughout the European, African and Asian nations. Many foreign governments have dictated the sole national religion for their individual countries. State Question 755 of Oklahoma prohibits the usage of these unconstitutional foreign and International secular and theological laws, thereby securing the contents of the US Constitution and Oklahoma’s State Constitution; maintaining individual rights and freedoms within the borders of Oklahoma.

We The People of Oklahoma are doing our best to prevent any subversion of US Federal and Oklahoma State Laws. We do not want incompatible laws considered valid for judicial decisions. Oklahomans are Americans accustomed to American ways that have been in effect for over two hundred years even though the State of Oklahoma became the forty-sixth US state on November 16, 1907.

These are the reasons behind this Oklahoman and others voting in favor of Oklahoma State Question 755. The majority of Oklahoman voters (liberals, conservatives and moderates) foresaw an unconstitutional anti-American possibility brewing within the Oklahoma’s court decision making process. These Oklahoman American voters agreed in the expedient need of instigating sole usage of US Federal and State Laws for Oklahoma’s court judgments as the correct and fair-minded thing to do.

Sources: Alicia Rose, present personal experience as an Oklahoman voter and resident Alicia Rose, studies in World Religions, Political Science and History, 1978 – present. Koran, English Translation edition Oklahoma State Question 755 US Constitution US Constitution Amendments 1 – 10 US Constitution Amendments 11 – 27 Oklahoma State Constitution CNN evening news broadcasts, November 3 through November 22, 2010 Fox News evening news broadcasts, November 8 through November 22, 2010 Selected Works of James Madison, Fourth President of the USA The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, dated November 3 – November 22, 2010

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