May 25, 2017

Oklahoma State Question 755: Sole use of US Federal and State Law in Oklahoma’s Courts – Part 4

Oklahoma State Question 755 as a law is in this American’s opinion reasonable and fair; even though the Muslim community of 30,000 disagrees by proclaiming “faith-blocking”. A US Federal Court Judge has blocked Oklahoma State Question 755 from implementation (per the Daily Oklahoman newspaper) and has a week to decide a US Federal court ruling (per Fox News). The majority of the voters who voted in favor of this State Question 755 do not view their voting for this law the same as the Muslim community because there is exclusion of numerous secular and theological laws that are from non-Muslim sources as well as established International Laws.

The State of Oklahoma is a multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi religious, conservative, mid-western, southern and pro-family state. The Oklahoman majority believes excluding theological and secular laws to maintain the Church and State separation is best for the State of Oklahoma. Those prescribing to the Islamic faith, in the Oklahoman majority view, should not have any negative issues since Oklahoma State Question 755 protects them from having many laws in the Old and New Testament of the Bible from being incorporated into forming a judicial decision within the Oklahoma court system. The voting Oklahoman majority thought this would be preferable to any Muslim.

We who thought this did not see the Muslim community’s complaint birthing. I, who have read the Koran and other Islamic sacred texts, was taken by surprise. My thoughts were that Oklahoma State Question 755 was for people of all faiths and that they would view this as a non-discriminatory measure to ensure an impartial court decision within the Oklahoma judicial system.

The majority of Oklahoma voters, who wanted only US Federal and State Laws used for Oklahoma judicial decrees, are comprised of many diverse faiths and backgrounds. The State of Oklahoma has numerous Native American Indian reservations. There are European descendants who comprise a part of the “Bible Belt” and other Indo-European spiritual paths sectors in Oklahoma. The State of Oklahoma has non-Muslim African American communities. There are American Asian Oklahoman residents who prescribe to Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and other non-Muslim Asian religions. Oklahoma also has Jewish communities. In the State of Oklahoma, there are more non-Muslim residents than Muslim.

The Oklahoman voters, who voted in favor of State Question 755, felt passing this to be an appropriate measure without singling out any particular faith. These well intentioned voters were determined to ensure the fairest result regarding judicial judgments. The US Federal and State Laws, in this Oklahoman’s view, should wholly be used by the Oklahoma judicial system to promote an impartial court ruling.

Sources: Alicia Rose, present personal experience as an Oklahoman voter and resident Alicia Rose, studies in World Religions, Political Science and History, 1978 – present. Koran, English Translation edition Oklahoma State Question 755 US Constitution US Constitution Amendments 1 – 10 US Constitution Amendments 11 – 27 Oklahoma State Constitution CNN evening news broadcasts, November 3 through November 22, 2010 Fox News evening news broadcasts, November 8 through November 22, 2010 The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, dated November 3 – November 22, 2010

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