April 30, 2017

Oklahoma State Question 755: Sole use of US Federal and State Law in Oklahoma’s Courts – Part 3

As an Oklahoman who was one of the seventy per cent voters who voted in favor of Oklahoma State Question 755, I believe the Muslim community in Oklahoma is not taking into account exactly what comprises the American “law of the land” throughout Oklahoma and the United States of America. The American “law of the land” is pro the individual, men and women. The American “law of the land” is not age, religion, race or gender biased.

Sharia Law is religion and gender biased. It is solely Islam faith oriented and severely in support of men. Equal treatment between genders is non-existent per Sharia Law listed in the Koran. This type of bias is not tolerated in any US Federal or State judicial system for it constitutes an illegal inequality between genders. There are US laws protecting each US citizen from this unfair form of favoritism. The Sharia Law negates an equal footing between genders unlike US Federal and State Laws.

Another difference between foreign laws and those laws governing the United States of America is US citizens have the right to a non-biased jury of their peers and the right to face their accuser. International Laws, the Sharia Law and other foreign laws do not include this as a right. In some foreign countries a suspect has to demand facing his accuser upon being arrested. Having a non-biased jury of one’s peers is an American invention created by The Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

The laws “We The People of the United States of America” follow have very little in common with the numerous International laws. I did not notice commonality between Sharia Law and US Federal or State Laws. The roots of US Federal and most State’s laws stem from laws established by the American colonists as they created the original thirteen colonies.

These colonial laws were comprised of eighteenth century and prior English Law as well as newly formed laws created by the American colonists as they established their colonial governments. US Federal Laws were created from these colonial and English roots with alterations for the betterment of the United States of America and its citizens. The Founding Fathers wanted a pro individual citizen representative type of government that would be governed by “We The People.”

This newly passed Oklahoma State law does not single out the 30,000 that comprise the Muslim community in Oklahoma (per Daily Oklahoman newspaper) or their Islam based gender bias in favor of men Sharia Law. Oklahoma State Question 755’s exclusion includes all foreign laws. It protects each resident against all forms of inequality.

All foreign laws by legal definition are comprised of International Laws, Vatican Canon Laws, Native American Indian Tribal Laws, Judaic Laws, ancient Indo-European Tribal Laws, all other religious based laws (including those followed by Buddhists and Hindus) and any other foreign country’s laws implemented outside the United States of America. There are a multitude of multi theological and secular foreign laws that are unconstitutional or incompatible with US Federal and State Law.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America decided for the good of the nation while deliberating the US Constitution’s contents to maintain Church and State separate (per US Constitution). This is another excellent reason for using solely US Federal and State Law for an American court judgment. US Federal and State Laws protect all American citizens from many unconstitutional theological laws because in the United States of America Church and State are wholly separate. Oklahoma State Question 755 is constitutional and correctly maintains this separation.

Primary Sources: Alicia Rose, present personal experience as an Oklahoman voter and resident Alicia Rose, studies in World Religions, Political Science and History, 1978 – present. Koran, English Translation edition Oklahoma State Question 755 US Constitution US Constitution Amendments 1 through 10 (aka The Bill of Rights) US Constitution Amendments 11 – 27 Oklahoma State Constitution CNN evening news broadcasts, November 3 through November 13, 2010 Fox News evening news broadcasts, November 8 through November 15, 2010 The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, dated November 3 – November 16, 2010

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