April 28, 2017

Oklahoma State Question 755: Sole use of US Federal and State Law in Oklahoma’s Courts – Part 2

The Sharia Law is completely Islamic. The Sharia Law is very in depth and tells a Muslim how to dress, what to eat, when to get married and describes the perfect spouse for a Muslim man that the family should choose for a perfect match, how to treat other Muslims, how to convert infidels (non-Muslims) and how to spread the word of Islam throughout the globe for globalization of the Islam faith.

The Sharia Law with all it encompasses is wholly incompatible with the US Constitution and the individual 50 states’ constitutions. Global conversion of a religion has already been attempted by the Roman Catholic Church during the Christian Conversion years and the Inquisition Era in Europe. State Question 755 protects all Oklahoma citizens from numerous anti-US Constitution and Oklahoma Constitution laws listed in the Sharia Law and all other International Laws, including Vatican Canon Law, Judaic Laws and Tribal Laws of all nationalities. State Question 755 is simply a protective safe-guard that the majority of Oklahoma felt needed implementing against all laws that are unconstitutional which encompasses International Laws and the Sharia Law.

The Middle Eastern people from Islamic nations did not begin mass immigration to the United States of America until after WWII. US Federal Laws and State Laws were in effect for over 100 years before these Middle Eastern people joined the American multi-national culture that comprises the “American Way of Life.” None of the other ethnic cultures (non-Islamic) comprising the US “melting pot” follows, prescribes or prefers the Sharia Law. The Sharia Law is foreign to those outside the Islam faith.

The United States citizen population has numerous cultures co-existing throughout the 50 states. American citizens do not always see eye to eye, but do agree that freedoms and rights should be protected; the US Federal and US State court systems reflect this. American citizens do not need an Islamic Middle Eastern faction or any other type of culture demanding to implement laws that are foreign to the majority in the United States. That would be unjust. It would severely be unjust to the Native American Indians who have been through plenty by all the American historic changes.

Foreign nations do not care about individual freedoms and rights to the same degree as the United States of America’s republic does. This is why people immigrated from Europe and other continents. They wanted to be treated as if they mattered. They wanted to have a better lifestyle and the freedom to become what they wanted occupationally instead of having the occupation determined by birth. They wanted to live as a free person with their inalienable rights secure. They wanted the same for their children and future generations. These are the primary reasons behind the immigrants immigrating to the United States of America.

US Federal Laws and State Laws take individual citizens’ inalienable rights and freedoms into account. This is the reason behind the police reading the Federal mandated Miranda Rights to each arrested. The Miranda Rights assures our personal rights upon being questioned by the Police and reminds all of the contents within the Fifth Amendment in the United States Constitution.

The US Federal Laws and State Laws protect each citizen. No other foreign laws are necessary for determining a court decision within the Federal or State judicial systems. To begin adding Sharia Law, Vatican Canon Law, Judaic Law, Tribal Law and any other International Law into a US state’s judicial system decision making could possibly create an unconstitutional outcome in a State court judgment. This is something each American citizen needs to be protected from; including those citizens who follow the Islam faith whom through their ignorance of the US Constitution and US History are claiming our Federal courts should determine the opposite.

Primary Sources: Alicia Rose, present personal experience as an Oklahoman voter and resident Alicia Rose, studies in the field of World Religions, 1978 – present. Oklahoma State Question 755 US Constitution Oklahoma State Constitution CNN evening news broadcasts, November 3 through November 13, 2010 The Daily Oklahoman newspaper, dated November 3 – November 14, 2010

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