April 30, 2017

How to Reverse or Prevent Diabetes

*Acquired Diabetes (types 2 and 3) involves the pancreas[1]

*Acquired Diabetes also involves insulin resistance[2]

*Type 2 Diabetes is often completely reversible[3]

*Most “diabetic” diets will only slow degeneration[4]

*Cinnamon and Alpha Lipoic Acid can help[5]

Diabetes is one of the most common illnesses in the industrialized world.[6] Unfortunately, many with diabetes are often counseled to “manage” their diabetes, instead of being told about methods that have helped thousands of people reverse their diabetes.  This Know A Bit How-To provides an introduction to reversing diabetes and additional resources.

How Diabetes Works

Diabetes means your cells have quit responding to insulin the way they’re supposed to. What happens is that as you eat more and more sugar, or starches (which begin to turn to sugar in your mouth and are sugar by the time they hit your bloodstream, even the sugars and starches in fruits and vegetables), your pancreas pumps out insulin to regulate your blood sugar. Too much blood sugar damages all your cells. [7]

After a time of your pancreas giving out a lot of insulin, two things happen: first, your cells quit responding to insulin–that’s the beginning of diabetes, although many people don’t realize it. They just know they’re tired all the time and and often gaining weight. The second thing, after the cells quit responding to insulin, is that the pancreas produces more and more insulin to try to lower the blood sugar. But, just like people in a noisy room who stick their fingers in their ears, the cells “plug their ears” and don’t “hear” the ever-higher insulin levels. [8]

And eventually it putters to a stop.

Many people don’t know they’re diabetic until they’re rushed to the ER because their blood sugar either topped out or bottomed out. This is type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 being when people are born with a pancreas that doesn’t work right. Type 3 is when your pancreas quits, making you a “type 1 who was not born a type 1”. [9]

You may have ended up with diabetes if you had a lot of sugar/starch in your diet. Everyone’s system is a little different, so it might not have taken as much or or it may have taken a long time in your case. People who no longer have a functioning pancreas, or whose pancreas is in the process of puttering to a stop, are the ones taking insulin to try to regulate their blood sugar. [10]

Good News

Acquired diabetes IS curable, not just “manageable”. [11] If what got you into this mess was an overstressed pancreas, then the obvious solution to the problem is to eat in such a way that you need to produce as little insulin as possible. If you don’t need to produce insulin, your pancreas won’t produce it, so there will be little insulin in your bloodstream. This helps your cells become responsive to insulin once again. In other words, as your “room” becomes “quieter”, your cells will eventually “take their fingers out of their ears”.

This process takes months, and could take years. Everyone’s system is a little different. But you will know in the future that this is a weak point in your system. Just as recovered smokers tend to cough more when they catch colds, you’ll always have a less-than-ideal relationship with sugars and starches. [12]

Featured Video: A Doctor Explains

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains how his aunt’s death from Type 2 Diabetes could have been prevented.  He discusses insulin and leptin (not covered in this article) and how the same eating principles discussed in this article, as well as exercise, could help the one in three Americans either suffering from diabetes or prediabetes.  He points out that because of these figures, everyone is sure to have at least one diabetic among their close family and friends.


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