July 28, 2017

Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons – Best Way to Use 20% off and Other BB&B Coupons

This article briefly describes Bed Bath & Beyond, the types of coupons the company offers, the sources for such coupons, and the policies dealing with their use. Finally, the best strategy is suggested for getting the largest discount possible using Bed Bath & Beyond coupons and deals.

Bed Bath & Beyond Company Details

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the leading retailers in North America, with nearly 1000 stores in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico [1]. BB&B also operates over 100 Christmas Tree Shops [2], Harmon Discount stores [3] and buybuy Baby stores [4]. Bed Bath & Beyond stocks almost every item needed for your house, and then some.

The company, founded in 1971 has its headquarters at 650 Liberty Ave., Union, NJ 07083, trades on the NASDAQ, and is a Fortune 500 company and an S&P 500 component [1]. The company’s toll free number is 800-462-3966, the toll number 908-688-0888, and the fax number 908-688-6483 [1]. The co-chairmen of the board are Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg, and the CEO is Steven Temares [5]. With about 41,000 employees, the chain’s 2010 sales totaled $7.8 billion [6].

Types of Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

BB&B offers many types of deals and promotions, but the most widely found are their easily recognized “20% off any one item” coupons, closely followed by their “$5 off your purchase of $15 or more” coupon. Another coupon, “20% off your entire purchase” is rarer but makes an occasional appearance. Other promos include free shipping for large orders at the company e-commerce website, 10% completion discount for married couples ordering items from their bridal registry that were not received as gifts, reward certificated for activities on the BB&B branded Mastercard, etc.

How to Get Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

The chain offers a free online sign-up (http://app.bedbathandbeyond.com/prefs/pref.cfm?src=header&) for USPS circulars which include a coupon, and/or for email offers which include coupon codes. The chain also occasionally includes coupons in circulars arriving by USPS without specific sign-up. Some sites offer deals from individuals who offer coupons in exchange for money. While it is illegal to buy coupons, there are gray areas about paying for someone’s time and effort in collecting and shipping to you coupons they do not need.

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Policies

While Bed Bath & Beyond coupons have expiration dates, and the company requests shoppers honor those, stores do not enforce coupon expiration dates. Although a store could insist on only accepting one coupon per purchase, most stores recognize that they would have no legal way of preventing a shopper from standing in line once per item and using a coupon for each item. To save themselves and their customers the trouble, stores tend to allow shoppers to use as many coupons as they could have by splitting purchases.

BB&B stores offer matches on competitor pricing and competitor coupons on identical items that are in stock both at BB&B and at the competing store. BB&B also honors manufacturer coupons. However, BB&B will only honor one coupon for any given item or group of items, so a bit of forethought is needed to make the most of your coupons (see strategy below).

Although normally you can only receive the discounts by providing the coupon or coupons at the time of purchase, some BB&B stores will give you credit if you return to the store with your receipt and the coupons after the fact. Note that (original only) hard-copy coupons can be used in brick and mortar BB&B stores, but not on the BB&B website.

Best Strategy for Using Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons and Deals – Increase Savings by 10% or More

BB&B does not allow “stacking” manufacturer and BB&B coupons on the same item. However, you can use coupons on discounted items, as well as on items on which rebates are offered. Your best bet is thus to find any items you might be interested in which are available as part of a clearance and/or rebate list (both links are as of this writing). Once you’ve selected your items, be they on sale or not, proceed.

If you have a competitor’s coupon or a manufacturer coupon for any of the items, use such coupons only if they provide more than 20% discount for an item priced $25 or higher, or more than $5 off an item priced lower than $25.

Next, divide your remaining items by final price after any discounts. For any item priced above $25, use a 20% off coupon (whether for entire purchase, or multiple per-item coupons). Next, divide any remaining items into groups just over $15 in combined price, and use a $5 off coupon on each such grouping. If you have no grouping which is between $15 and $25, or have no $5 off coupons, you can use the same 20% off coupon or coupons on lower-cost items.

For example, if you have 10 items, 5 of which are priced at $30 each, two priced at $8 each and three priced at $5 each, you can use 5 coupons of 20% off one item or one of the 20% off entire purchase coupons, and two $5 off coupons, one for the three $5 items and one for the two $8 items. Your total discount would be $6 off each $30 item, and another $10 off the remaining groupings, for a total discount of $40. Your total pre-tax price would drop 22%, from $181 to $141. By comparison, using only 20% off coupons would save you $36.20. In this example the recommended strategy increases your savings by more than 10%.


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