April 28, 2017

A Rush of Wings by Kristen Heitzmann

Title: A Rush of Wings

Author: Kristen Heitzmann

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Book Description:

Though her panic is real, Noelle St. Claire is uncertain what danger she is fleeing. Fragmented images and slivers of memory have driven her to abandon her wealthy, sheltered life in New York for the hope of a haven—remote and safe.

Noelle’s arrival at the Rocky Mountain horse ranch owned by Rick Spencer and his brother Morgan causes more than a little stir. Beautiful, vulnerable, yet strangely secretive, Noelle is an enigma the two contrasting brothers seek to unlock. But as their attentions breach the wall she hides behind, the past becomes a menacing threat from which Noelle can no longer hide.


Noelle St. Claire is terrified and on the run, but she doesn’t know from what or why. A series of bus rides lands the New York socialite in Juniper Falls, Colorado, where she finds haven on the Spencer ranch. There she begins a journey to find peace and freedom from whatever had sent her running.

Rick Spencer owns the ranch and isn’t quite sure what to make of the fragile young woman who appears on his doorstep. Morgan Spencer, Rick’s older brother, sees a challenge in Noelle—a challenge to help her break free of the shell she’s drawn herself into. He also hopes to win her heart, something she doesn’t have any interest in. But as Rick tries to deny his own feelings for Noelle, tension grows between the two brothers.

Fragments of memory triggered by current events paint a devastating picture of the trauma Noelle has endured. Pushed by Morgan’s outgoing, devil-may-care attitude, Noelle begins to define herself; first as an artist and then as a horse trainer. But underneath her newfound independence runs a current of fear so deep that it threatens to drown her at times. Rick’s gentle demeanor and patient ways start the healing process for her, but his deep faith confounds her. The longer she spends at his ranch, however, the more curious she becomes about his Christian beliefs. That curiosity unlocks another memory, one that is the key to understanding her resistance to anything connected to God. It’s also the key that unlocks the truth of what happened to her, a truth her mind has locked away for years.

In A Rush of Wings, Kristen Heitzmann does a fantastic job of showing the struggle of those who have been severely traumatized. The flashbacks, the nightmares, the panic attacks triggered by seemingly innocuous things—all of it is portrayed in a realistic manner. The characters’ faith, fears, and doubts are written so believably that it brings life to the characters and enables readers to easily identify with their struggles. And the vivid descriptions utilizing all of the senses bring Colorado to life, even for someone who has never been there.

A Rush of Wings takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster, full of twists and turns that will leaving you guessing and longing for more. This book is an all around great read I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers. My review is based solely on the contents of this book and my experience reading it.

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