May 24, 2017

Videos That Show How To Dress Like an Authentic Hippie

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Cherise Kelley

I was born in San Francisco in 1963. I remember the real hippies (well, OK, some still live, yeah!). I liked hippies, so I graduated from UC Berkeley. I was too young to be a real hippie myself, but I know why they wear what they wear. It is mostly about respecting Nature. Hippies originated the green movement. It is a little about rebellion, too.

Long Hair

Long hair, especially on men, is the most defining characteristic of hippies. Wear a long-haired wig if you don’t have long hair. Try to get a natural-looking wig. Do not use any gel, hair spray or other products in any obvious way. Tie your hair back with a headband, a leather cord or a piece of leather with a stick through it, if you need it out of your face. This part is total rebellion against the idea that our hair needs to be neat and clean-cut–especially for men. This is immortalized in the Broadway musical, “Hair.”

Natural Fabrics

No self-respecting hippie would be caught dead in polyester. You can wear pretty much anything that is made of cotton, wool, leather, linen or other natural fibers. Vintage clothing from the 1960’s or 1970’s is best because that is when hippies were in full bloom. Look in thrift stores. Because of the drug culture of the time, hippies like psychedelic colors (that just means lots of different colors in really intricate patterns). Paisley patterns and tie-dye are especially hippie-like. Watch any 1960’s sitcom or movie to see examples. Or watch footage of any Grateful Dead concert.

Make-Up Is Made of Dead Whales

Hippies are against make-up, so if you wear any, make it look like you aren’t. Crosby and Nash explain this in their 1975 song, “To the Last Whale.” The words start at 2:20 in this video, which has fantastic whale photos throughout.

Flower Power

Wear flowers in your hair. One of the near-forgotten sayings of hippies is “Flower power.” This is immortalized in the song, “If You’re Going to San Francisco.” Here is a video made from a 1967 film of Scott McKenzie singing his song at the Monterey Pop Festival. Mama Cass (of The Mammas and the Poppas, who recorded “Puff the Magic Dragon”) introduces him! You see many real hippies in the audience.

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