April 30, 2017

The Best Paranormal Television Shows

Paranormal television shows have become popular in the past few years. These ghost hunting TV shows investigate alleged haunted sites in order to capture evidence that ghosts do exist. They use equipment such as video cameras, infrared cameras, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) in order to document any paranormal activity they encounter. There are several paranormal television shows out there, but these are the ones that I consider to be the best.

Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters is a paranormal television show that airs on SyFy on Wednesday nights. Paranormal investigators, Grant and Jason are Roto-Rooter plumbers during the day, and at night they take The Atlantic Paranormal Society or TAPS teams as they are more commonly known, out into the field to investigate paranormal activity. The TAPS team spends extra time trying to debunk activity that may not be paranormal in nature. After the investigation, they present any evidence that they found to the client and give them their take on whether the place is haunted or not.


Ghost Adventures The Ghost Adventures team is comprised of three friends, Zac Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. Zac became interested in the paranormal after he had an experience. They do not have a camera crew that follows them on their investigations. Instead, the three of them get locked into a building and use their own cameras and equipment during the ghost hunt. The Ghost Adventures team is also known to use trigger objects to encourage the spirits to make their presence known. Although, they are a bit more flamboyant in their investigations, Ghost Adventures is still a good paranormal television show. The show airs on The Travel Channel on Friday nights.


These are the two of the best paranormal television shows, in my opinion. There are other shows that deserve honorable mentions, such as Ghost Labs, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters International and The Haunted. If you like haunted houses, ghost hunts and witnessing paranormal happenings, then you will want to check out some of these paranormal television shows.

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