May 24, 2017

Food Recalls

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Over the past decade in the United States, there have been dozens of recalls on all kinds of products. Some of these recalls were because of bacterial contamination, as in the many ground beef recalls.  In other cases, it was contamination by foreign objects.  In a few cases, it was a matter of quality control: the product wasn’t quite up to the company’s standards, but was shipped anyway with the company’s brand label on it.  In other cases, the product is mislabeled, a serious problem for people with allergies or food sensitivities This Know A Bit article will give you information on general guidelines to consider before taking action when you read about new food recalls.

Melamine Chicks What Does Melamine Taste Like? Chicken. by Elaine Vigneault

What Kinds of Items Can Be Recalled?

Any food items can be recalled, whether meat, produce, prepared items, dairy products, baby foods, animal foods, and foods sold to the restaurant industry.

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In this video, the host discusses the most recent food recalls as of September, 2010.

Food Recalls September 2010

Why Was The Product Recalled?

Before you take any action, get all the information you can about why the recall was issued.  A good place to start is the government food recall page. This page will give you more information about the recall and what action is necessary.

You can also go to the manufacturer’s website.  Many times the manufacturer of a recalled product will put up detailed information, including instructions on whether refunds are being offered, and what you will need to get a refund.  The manufacturer’s website can also give you information about what you can do to make sure you and your family are safe; what symptoms you may need to watch for if you’ve eaten any of the food before the recall was announced; and what areas the recall effects, as well as any product numbers affected.

If you find that the product was recalled simply because the manufacturer didn’t want to put their name on a product that didn’t meet quality control standards, but was otherwise safe, you can choose whether or not to get your money back in order to get the higher-quality item you thought you were buying, in most cases.

More Information

Here are a few sources for additional information:

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