May 24, 2017

Different Ways to Serve Cranberries this Thanksgiving – with Videos

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One of our family traditions is we never serve the Thanksgiving cranberries the same way twice. It is a really fun challenge to think of a new way to serve cranberries each year. As a bonus, we have discovered some really yummy cranberry dishes! I have added more to round out the list. Enjoy!

To start the fun, let Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner show you how to make cranberry glaze:

Whole Cranberries, Fresh or Frozen:

Add fresh cranberries to your stuffing Sprinkle them into breakfast cereal Bake them into muffins, with optional blueberries, cherries, cinnamon, nuts, apples… Cranberry bread or cranberry banana bread Cranberry cinnamon rolls Cookies Cake Cobbler Simmered into Cranberry Glaze

Cranberry Glaze:

Brush over every bit of the hot turkey 10 minutes before it is done Glaze a ham instead of or in addition to a turkey Dip for sausage at breakfast Cranberry-fried turkey drumsticks Cranberry glazed candied yams

Cranberry Sauce:

Most people simply buy a can of cranberry sauce and plunk it into a gravy boat to pour over your turkey–sometimes so that the can outlines still show! Here is a tutorial on how to make homemade cranberry sauce, by Marjorie’s Candies. There is much you can do with cranberry sauce!

Use cranberry sauce as a fruit salad dressing Green salad dressing with walnuts as in a Waldorf salad Over ice cream for dessert On pound cake, cheesecake or apple pie for dessert Molded into sweet cherry or sour lemon Jello

Jello salad with cream cheese, carrot shavings, raisens, walnut crumbles…

Cranberry sauce baked into tarts for dessert As a dip for chocolates Hot fondue dip for pound cake or cheese Heated sauce for cooked yams or squash Cranberry Relish with oranges and optional nuts or marshmallows:

Where were we? Oh yeah, uses for cranberry sauce:

On top of cheese and crackers as an appetizer Mixed with chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce and horseradish as a dip for shrimp Over pancakes or waffles for breakfast In yogurt for breakfast

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is readily available in most supermarkets in the U.S. These varieties you can buy ready made:

Cranberry juice Cranberry apple juice Cranberry raspberry juice Sparkling Cranberry Cider

With ready made cranberry juices as a starter, you can make:

Alcoholic cranberry drinks Cranberry punch with sherbet Hot cranberry apple cider Cranberry smoothies Cranberry milkshakes


In my family we only use cranberries once per meal on Thanksgiving. Your family might tolerate more than one cranberry dish per meal, but don’t overdo it. I hope you will have fun with this and no longer dread the cranberries!

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