July 21, 2017

Almond Milk: An excellent dairy and gluten-free substitute with many uses

Many who are allergic to dairy products or lactose intolerant are finding themselves gravitating more toward dairy alternatives like Rice milk and Soy milk. Very few are aware of Almond milk. This milk substitute is delicious, comes enriched with vitamins, provides calcium and has all the healthful properties of almonds. It is a great dairy and gluten-free substitute, especially for the coffee enthusiast who enjoys their coffee with a creamer.

Almond milk is primarily made from ground almonds and water. Some manufacturers add sugar to their Almond milk product. For those who are diabetic, this is something to consider before using Almond milk. There are brands of Almond milk that are sugar-free. An ingredients check is recommended. Almond milk is one hundred percent soy-free; completely safe for those who are allergic or sensitive to soy products. There is zero cholesterol in Almond milk, super for those having to watch their cholesterol. Almond milk is Vegan. This is a great milk substitute for those following a strict Vegan diet.

Almond milk has a variety of uses besides being placed on cereal, in coffee or tea, and drinking plain like one would milk from a cow, cold from the refrigerator. I have made French toast with Almond milk by adding it to the egg instead of the usual Rice milk. It gave the French toast a miniscule almond taste, barely detectable. This variation in taste made a delicious French toast. The first time I did this substitution, my husband thought I had made it my usual way with Rice milk. He enjoyed it, and then asked me how I had made the French toast tastier.

You can bake with Almond milk. It makes great tasting Snickerdoodles. According to the box of Almond milk I have in my refrigerator, it can be used the same as cow’s milk which includes being able to steam it for a Latte (espresso with steamed milk). Whatever you put milk on or in, give Almond milk a try. It works well and enhances the flavor of food. I would not use it for gravy, however, due to its hint of almond taste. Rice milk would be better for gravy and biscuits.

I plan to now use both Almond and Rice milk. They are great milk substitutes that have zero lactose which is a major concern for me. I follow a prescribed lactose and gluten-free diet. Adhering strictly to these dietary restrictions has created a healthier me. I continue to search for alternatives to prevent feeling I am giving up certain delicious edibles. I further enjoy eating pancakes made with Rice flour and Rice milk as well as cookies made with Rice flour and Almond milk.

Do not be afraid to experiment with Almond Milk. It has a diversity of uses including tasting great as a soothing warm milk. Good health to you!


Alicia Rose, personal culinary experience, 2007 – present

Alicia Rose, personal studies in Health and Wellness, 1980 – present

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