May 25, 2017

Where to Get Dozens of Cheap or Free Measuring Cups for Cooking!

I use every measuring cup in the kitchen whenever I cook. The milk goes in one cup, the oil in another, the water in a third, the vegetables in a forth, flour in a fifth measuring cup and so on until all of them are full. I don’t like to stop and wash them in the middle of cooking. I can easily use dozens of measuring cups, just preparing one meal! Is it like that for you as well?

I found a secret stash of measuring cups in the garage today!

They were made to be give-away plastic paint measuring containers, advertising a paint store. They hold just over three cups and they are conveniently marked up the side in ounces. My last recipe called for 2 and 1/2 cups of milk, and I just filled it to 18 ounces. I’m sure in Europe paint mixing cups are marked with metric measures. My husband was going to throw these out! “I want them!” I exclaimed in joy!

My husband asked, “Don’t you like your Pyrex measuring cups anymore?”

“Yes,” I explained, “but I don’t have enough of them. It would cost too much to buy dozens of Pyrex measuring cups.” I used all my new paint mixing cups to make our pumpkin waffles for breakfast this morning, popped them into the upper shelf in the dishwasher, and then used them all again to make stroganoff for dinner. I could not be happier with all my new measuring cups, and they were free!

Paint and Hardware Stores Give These Away!

Our plastic paint measuring cups were free at Smitty’s Auto Paints of Hemet, Inc., but check your local auto paint stores, paint stores and hardware stores for these super useful items. If they are marked on the side with the store’s name and phone number then the store views them as advertising and probably gives them away. If they balk that you want a dozen or more, then maybe they will let them go for a quarter each, which seems about what they would cost.

Not Dishwasher Safe

The only caution I have is that these free plastic measuring cups are not meant to be heated the way dishwasher coils heat things to dry them. I have had to throw a few of these away after the dishwasher caused their inner liners to disconnect from the outer cups. Just wash them by hand and put them in a dish drainer.

Not Microwave Safe

Similarly, these are not safe to use in the microwave. The plastic liner melts into your food. Stick to your Pyrex measuring cups for melting butter and boiling water.

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