April 30, 2017

Pictures of How To Take Apart a Bookshelf so You Can Fit it in the Moving Van

Assembly-required bookshelf from Lowes or Home DepotTake apart bookshelves that you bought at Lowe’s or Home Depot in a kit and had to assemble. Protect the bookshelves from moving van damage this way, and make them use less space. Make them easier for the movers to transport to and from your office or residence, too. The toughest part is how to remove the back panels of bookcases.

Remove the Back of the Bookshelf

Putty knife that you use to apply spackling paste

Get a putty knife, such as you would use to apply spackling paste. These are not really knives so much as spreaders. They are really thin and yet they don’t bend too much. You can get them and the rest of the tools mentioned in this article at any hardware store or big-box home improvement store.

This bookshelf has a foldable back.

Lay the bookshelf down on its front, so that its back is on top. Pry the back of the bookshelf loose with the putty knife, all around the edges. Push the back down between the nails, which should now stand out a bit from the back. Pull the nails out with pliers.

Take Apart the Bookshelf Frame

Use a screwdriver bit and a powerdrill to remove the screws.

Use a power drill. If you do not own one, then borrow from a friend, relative or tool-lending library. Put in a screwdriver bit which matches the screws that hold the bookshelf frame together. With the drill in reverse, fit the screwdriver bit into the screw and then press the drilling trigger. Remove all the screws this way and the frame should come apart.

Remove and Secure all the Hardware

Pull out any shelf clips or connecting pins with pliers. Store these clips and pins along with the screws and nails in a small bottle that you tape to the bookshelf boards, so you won’t lose the hardware.

Pad and Wrap the Bookshelf Boards

Here is how to keep the boards and hardware from getting damaged or separated from each other in the moving van: Fold the back of the bookshelf, if it folds. Otherwise you will just have to pack the back of the bookshelf on the top of everything else in the moving van.

Stack the boards so that they all touch the floor when you tip them on end. Put some cardboard on the floor and tip the boards up onto it. Wrap the edges of the cardboard up around the boards and tape to themselves to form a protective bottom for the whole package. Tape the bottle of hardware to the longest board, just above the top of the shorter board.

Wrap plastic wrap around and around the boards until they stay together. You can get a large roll of mover’s plastic wrap at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

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